Shana’s plan slowly takes its form, but the central part is still unknown


The battle between Shana and Yuji rages on as neither side gives an inch resulting in a constant stalemate.

Saare ‘meets’ his creator Dantalion who sends out a squad of huge robots to attack him.

However it seems that they’re the decoys as Margery sneaks around inside the tower and Khamshin transforms into his golem also inside the tower taking out vital foundations which causes the tower to collapse. With some quick thinking, Sydonay throws his polearm extending its size to huge proportions to stab through the tower and become the new support for it.

Yoshida barely dodges the attack and feels her life fading away as blood trickle down her forehead. Seeing those who love each other fighting each other she makes a bold decision and uses her Hiralda to call Pheles knowing that it will cost her her life. However as Pheles appears and holds Yoshida, she tells her that she will not die, and she will change everything.

Pheles moves fast and calls out Johann from inside Yuji. He gives Yuji a quick greeting and tries to take back the Reiji Maigo. Johann says that he doesn’t approve of what Yuji’s doing, he says that whilst Yuji’s devotion to this is all well and good he doesn’t think enough about the girl he loves. Johann says that Yuji’s refusing to show his love so he can’t use it as an excuse and that he’s thrown everything away to get this far. But Johann chooses not to take the Reiji Maigo and instead goes with Pheles in a 60s car and takes Yoshida with them.

After they leave Yuji and Shana continue their fight. Elsewhere Dantalion activates another transformation of the tower making it much more messy than before. He also accidently exposes the control room but is saved before Chiara could destroy it.

Khamshin hitches a ride with Pheles and the van disappears from view at the end of the episode. The three Gods hold the fight steady without advancing and the denizens don’t have any idea what their plan is.


So… I’m rather lost. I’m certain that Pheles appearing, Johann nearly killing Yuji, a hippy van popping out of the water and Khamshin hitching a ride and disappearing from the battle weren’t in Shana’s original plan. Or perhaps it all was and I underestimated her foresight. But I am still lost on what just happened, this may be due to me completely forgetting what’s happened up to now with regard to Pheles, like what she was doing at the end of that episode a few episodes ago. Well at least she got Johann back, I know that was one of the things she was after, right? But who were the people in the hippy van? Have we seen them before? If so, I have no idea when, and why did they take Yoshida? I suppose it’ll keep her safe for now seeing as activating that Hiralda didn’t kill her

I’m assuming the central part of this plan will involve Margery, seeing as she’s the only one still hidden. It’s quite likely that Khamshin taking out the tower’s foundations was another distraction from Margery and he just improvised and hitched a ride out of battle instead of escaping another way.

Also I expected huge cannons to come out of those entrances when Dantalion lifted up the ‘gates’, not huge robots. Although, taking that it is Dantalion, robots do suit him more than cannons or firearms in general, that’s more Haborym.

I loved how well the insert song was placed. Suited the mood at that moment, song was Akai Namida by Kawada Mami if anyone was wondering. Which was also the insert song for the movie I believe, it has been many years since I watched that.

I wonder if we’ll see the full story behind Saare and Dantalion, I got that they’re like father and son and Dantalion ‘created’ Saare. Though I’m sure there’s more to it than that, like why did Dantalion create a flame haze, and why did Saare run away and betray him, although that’s probably because Dantalion is a mad scientist. But anyway, it would be interesting to see a bit more of their backstory, their battle didn’t really get going this episode.

And seeing as we’re on the topic of Dantalion, I’m wondering what did he do to Seireiden? Before he added this extra layer of wiring on it looked like a well oiled machine, now it just looks like the corner of my room where all the wiring for my laptop, screens, chargers etc lays. Not really the best improvement I have to say, so I’m interested in its purpose for Xanadu.

So anyway, more questions and from what I can see this episode was a little messy. Hoping the next episode will clear a lot of this up, either that or someone who’s read the book please tell me what’s going on, and try not to spoil too much…