After some trial and error, Ashirogi Muto is putting everything they’ve learnt into the last serialisation they can for a chance to be serialised


Hearing about Ashirogi quitting Tanto, a lot of their peers back them in their decision. And now comes the difficult task of drawing something that even Miura won’t complain about.

At the Takagi residence, Kaya’s already started spending less on food so Takagi tells her not to worry and buy what she wants as he won’t ever let her worry about money. He promises to get a big hit out there soon.

During the meeting for the final Tanto chapter, Miura offers them an idea of expanding Money and Intelligence to appearances as well, as in you can buy appearances as well as brains. This would add more dimension to the story as men and women would value brain and appearance differently. With these ideas it seems that Miura is finally playing on Mashiro and Takagi’s strengths.

Takagi’s brain overflows with ideas and he writes out 2 chapters and puts his ideas on paper and presents them to Miura. With a few edits here and there they submit KTM (the money and intelligence extended manga) to the first serialisation meeting.

Unfortunately it was rejected, however Miura’s not fussed, it couldn’t have beaten Eiji, so it’s for the best. So now they’re planning to make KTM better and submit it again.

But next day, Miura decides that they won’t go with KTM anymore, instead another new work. For this one Miura wants them to do a mainstream fantasy, his reasoning is that they’ve never properly tried a mainstream fantasy before. Although there are plenty of untried genres Miura is adamant that they should do a mainstream fantasy.

Mashiro decides to trust Miura and agree with him.

Eiji asks for Iwase to rewrite her latest chapters as she seems to be hesitating lately. Although that’s mainly because Hattori and Iwase’s meetings have become a little ‘odd’. And after another odd meeting Hattori gives Iwase time to change his opinion about her, in that way…

Anyway, Takagi produces a simple straightforward plot of a fantasy mainstream battle manga and it’s rather good. But even though Miura had no problems with it, the serialisation committee won’t even take the manuscript in saying the quality is too low. However Miura doesn’t sound depressed about it and asks to meet up.

Miura brings a guest over too, Hattori. It seems that Miura had asked Hattori for help on how to get Ashirogi to succeed. Miura came up with KTM and Hattori came up with the fantasy idea.

So now with only one serialisation meeting left this will be the real deal. They have to put everything they’ve learnt in the past and produce something that will beat Eiji.


From how fast these ideas came out you knew it was going to fail. The ideas weren’t developed in the slightest, more throw away ideas than serious ones. But that’s fine, a few practices for the main one doesn’t hurt, once you get into the flow of things it’s hard to stop sometimes. But yeah, KTM was developed too fast and Takagi seemed like he just threw some ideas together and that fantasy one really wasn’t their thing so there was no way that could succeed.

I like Takagi’s train of thought, spend a lot so he’ll have to get a hit soon otherwise he’ll go bankrupt. It’ll definitely keep him motivated, obviously reminds you of Hiramaru, but of course he doesn’t actually want to draw, though he’s trapped now thanks to overspending.

I think Miura, thanks to Hattori’s help has the right idea now. You may as well go for it and fail now whilst you still can and test out a few more things so you’re more ready for the real thing.

Anyway, it was generally supported that Ashirogi Muto quit Tanto, it really was a boring manga and arc and it was going nowhere fast. Gags are for those who want to be safe, Ashirogi are riskier than that and they’re way better than that too.

On another note, I can’t believe that Iwase’s actually serious about Hattori. I mean sure he’s got the brains and he’s obviously quite the talented editor, but he is a bit too old for her. She’s got the world to choose from, exaggerating but you know what I mean, so why Hattori all of a sudden… I think she’s just gotten a little too desperate. I’m sure this ordeal is just a temporary thing… though I did say that when it first started, and that was a while ago… but seriously, this doesn’t work… if she’s gonna like anyone else I think it should be Fukuda or Eiji, and that’d be hilarious, although Fukuda’s probably a bit too gung-ho and Eiji is way too eccentric, oh I dunno…. Whatever… go with it…

In the end, nothing much happened in this episode, they had practice with the first two meetings and now it’s the real thing. Again my question stands on what they’ll produce. It is very likely a non-mainstream as they’ve just proved that they can’t do mainstream fantasy. Seeing as TRAP was their most successful manga, perhaps they’ll go mystery again. Just guessing here, but yeah, I wonder how good they can make it.