Asaka vs Misaki rematch


We start with a short clip of when Asaka first met Ren and entered Foo Fighter.

After that, we’re back to present day and the fight begins.

Misaki stands Godhawk, Ichibiyoshi and Asaka stands Hades Ringmaster. Asaka remembers on that first day she met Ren, she also faced Kyou and lost. Ever since then she could never afford to lose in front of Ren again. We also find out that AL4 stands for Apex Limited.

Misaki goes first and with Godhawk’s ability superior rides Crescent Moon Tsukuyomi.

Asaka rides Midnight Bunny, Hades Ringmaster ability soulcharges. Bunny deals 1 damage. 1-0.

From her hand Misaki rides Half Moon Tsukuyomi, soulcharges and calls Tagitsuhime. Both attack and deal 2 damage overall. 1-2.

We get another flashback as we see Asaka’s determination shine through as she climbed to rank 3 of the duelling ladder in Foo Fighter and earn a place in the team. She heard about Kai from Kyou and decided to research him. Tetsu told her that he’s the only person that may defeat Ren, nothing more nothing less. After that she decided that she must get stronger and be able to beat Kai.

Finally back to the fight again, Asaka rides Crimson Beast Tamer. She calls Mirror Demon, Turquoise Beast Tamer and Skull Juggler who soulcharges. Mirror Demon deals 1 damage and Misaki draws a critical trigger. Crimson Beast tamer deals 1 damage and turn ends. 3-2.

Unable to draw Full Moon Tsukuyomi, Misaki rides CEO Amaterasu and activates skill soul charge 1 and look at top card of the deck and decide to leave it there or put to bottom of decl. She puts to bottom. She calls Oracle guardian Red Eye and attacks Mirror Demon. Asaka guards with Big League Bear and soulcharges due to effect. Tagitsuhime attacks Mirror Demon as she’s trying to stop the loop that can happen from a Pale Moon deck. Asaka doesn’t guard this time. CEO attacks Crimson and deals 1 damage. 3-3.


An odd point to start on, but I liked Asaka without lipstick… the lipstick makes her look more arrogant and ‘evil’ not sure why, but then again it is probably the look she’s going for. The non lipstick innocent young looking Asaka is probably a bad look for a team like AL4.

Nothing to say for story, but I do want to comment a little on the duel. Most of the moves were pretty standard but during the turn Misaki attacked Mirror Demon I wondered why she didn’t attack with CEO second so that any triggers she gets could be used on Tagitsuhime to further guarantee a hit like the draw trigger. Didn’t matter this turn as Asaka didn’t guard. But I assume the usual way to attack is, if you have 3 in frontline, one rear guard attacks first, I usually for the weaker one, vanguard second in case of a stand trigger for the first rearguard and other triggers for unused rearguard, and then last rearguard attacks. But either way it ended fine.

Also, something else I’d question about Misaki’s play is killing Mirror Demon. When it’s that early in the game, i.e. only just after grade 3, I’d try and get as much damage onto the opponent as possible as they’re still on grade 2, because the pale moon loop is easily blockable especially with a drawing deck like Oracle. Just block the rearguard attacks and leave the vanguard attack, risky, but that’s how I play against Pale Moon with Oracles.

Shame Full Moon couldn’t come out this episode, but CEO is a good backup strategy, I use her too and a few Meteobreak Wizards. Main reason for CEO is that the soulcharge would make Full Moon’s counterblast useable, otherwise it wouldn’t. But of course I guess you can just put in a few Giros or Rock the Wall etc.

Anyway yeah, I didn’t bother seeing the preview, so this is going on nothing apart from this episode but I think it’s very likely Misaki will be able to ride Full Moon later maybe after a megablast from CEO, and then take some risky move to defeat Asaka. She will win, she has to win.