Episode 7: The Elf of the Desert

That is a large toothpick

At Saito’s Mansion, it is morning and everyone is still asleep. Except Tabitha, she kisses Saito on the cheek and leaves. However, he hears her and goes after her. She tells him that if she doesn’t return back to Gallia she would lose her resolve over her feelings for him. Just then, the Elemental siblings attack. Elsewhere in the forest, three hooded figures dismount off their horses and hope to gain entrance to Saito’s mansion, referring to him as a barbarian. Back at the mansion, Saito is saved by Tabitha who blocks the sword strike from Doudou. Sylphid flies in but gets hit by Doudou, Tabitha tells her to fly. Saito spots Jeanette running inside the mansion. About to chase after her, he is stopped by Jack and he attacks him. Suddenly, Jack is surrounded by several knights. It is Guiche and the other knights, who tell Saito that they would handle him, even though Jack shows to be strong. Inside, Louise hears the noise and wakes up, to find Jeanette standing over her and has taken her wand. Saito is busy fighting when Louise and Jeanette jump out the window. Jeanette threatens to strip Louise if Saito comes closer. Louise stops Saito from helping as she doesn’t want anyone else to see.

He is going to play some water music

Siesta is joined by Tiffania and she explains what is happening. The fight continues as the three elves approach the mansion. They spot Tiffania who is trying to be stopped by Siesta from helping out in the fight. The Undine Knights are immobilized when Damian appears. Jack becomes nervous and apologizes to him as he followed Doudou out of revenge. Damian tells him that he doesn’t do things unless it involves money and he stops the fight by using a magic trombone and turns the ground to water. Louise manages to get free as well as the Undine Knights. They then hear a scream, which is Siesta. Saito goes off to help. The Elves tell Tiffania that she would be taken with them. Saito arrives and charges the three elves. However, one of the elves uses magic and puts everyone to sleep. They take Tiffania, when the female Elf finds that Saito is the one who defeated their Uncle and decide to take him with them. The ground then turns to normal as Damian is the only one who is awake, who is surprised that Elves appeared. Also, Sylphid turns into Illococoo and cowers on the roof.

That is no way to treat your naked hostess

Saito wakes up in a room and finds Tiffania next to him; after realizing he was squeezing her breasts. He notices Tiffania’s clothes are different. Tiffania realizes that they are an Elf’s garb. Saito and Tiffania are greeted by the female Elf; Lukshana and tells them that they are in her country Nephthys. She then tells them that they kidnapped both Saito and Tiffania. Meanwhile, Louise has gone to the queen for help as a week has passed. Henrietta tells her that Romalia would take care of the situation as they have dealt with Elves before. Louise then leaves.  Upon leaving the castle, she is greeted by the academy friends who offer to help, but she tells them that Tristain is not sending anyone to help.  She then leaves for the mansion. Louise arrives back at the mansion and heads straight to her room without an explanation to Siesta. In her room, she starts crying. After a moment she gets her suitcase and starts packing; she also picks up the ancestral prayer book off the table. Saito and Tiffania are told by Lukshana that they kidnapped them as the Elves’ council feared the void mages from joining and invading their country, also they kidnapped Saito because he defeated their Uncle.

Not exactly Tarzan and Jane

Just then, Ari and Vidalshal arrive on dragons. Vidalshal has arrived to check on Saito and Tiffania. He asks Saito about Tabitha’s mother. Saito tells him that she has recovered. Meanwhile, Lukshana asks Ari about the council meeting. He tells her that the council member Eshmael voiced that the users of void magic and their familiars be destroyed. However the council is split with the decision of 50:50. Back at Saito’s mansion at night, Louise is off to get a horse from the stable when she is joined by Siesta who wants to go with her to rescue Saito. They are then joined by Tabitha who changed her mind of going back to Gallia. The three head off towards Elf country on Sylphid.  On the way, they are joined by her academy friends on the Ostland who also offer to help to get Saito. Back at the Oasis, Saito tries to escape but fails. Tiffania apologizes for getting caught, but Saito reassures her that they would return back to Tristain. Saito then jumps into the water and decides to have some fun; asking Tiffania to join him. He gets to the rock at the centre of the waterhole and looks for Tiffania. She surfaces and he notices that she is topless. Embarrassed, he looks away even though Tiffania tells him otherwise since they are friends. He does not and he slaps the rock and removes some green algae revealing the surface. Saito notices it has rivets in it therefore metal. He dives down and underwater he finds a jet fighter from his world.

I was quite annoyed with this episode as most of the incidents could have been avoided, but too many idiots lead to the capture of both Tiffania and Saito. First thought of the elves is that they are too narrow minded; as they hate human. However, it is probably down to so much bitter history that relations between has become sour. If Eshmael gets his way and Saito and the other void mages are got rid of, then the Elves would feel the wrath of Romalia, Gallia and Tristain against them and I am not sure if they would survive an onslaught of three countries against one. Anyone who likes Lukshana here? Any female girl who likes to walk around naked in front of guests gets my vote. Also, I found out that the plane submerged is actually a F4- Phantom; for those aircraft buffs. Anyway, sorry for the delay as I had a computer clean out, and restored Windows. That is until a virus decided to infect half the system ddl files and I had to start all over again. Anyway, after a week of frustration it is done. In about two weeks time I will be able to catch up a lot more; mostly Phi Brain, as I would have a bit of peace and quiet.