Tanamachi Kaoru: Story Arc

Episode 8: Tanamachi Kaoru – Part 2: Companion

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Junichi and Kaoru are stuck at the service area. They start blaming each other for being stranded leading to an angry stare stand-off.  Just then salvation is at hand when a truck pulls up to them. The trucker picks them up, but they still continue to argue in the truck. They are stopped by the trucker who refers to their arguing as a sign of their love for each other. He then tells them that he would drop them off at the nearest train station and also adding that a hot spring inn is near the station and that they could spend the night there. Junichi starts having lewd thoughts about the spring and gets so excited that he shouts; startling the trucker and Kaoru. The trucker drops them off at the inn, they thank him and he drives off. They look at the inn and it turns out to be very eerie and spooky. They proceed down a very misty path, but Kaoru is scared but denies it. They are then frightened by an old lady that appears in front of them. It turns out to be the innkeeper, who offers them a bath and to take their time as they are the only customers staying. After closing their door, they breathe a sigh of relief. Junichi then wants to head to the bathroom, but Kaoru is scared to be left alone and offers to go with him in a false pretence to protect him.

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They head down the corridor; scared when they hear a strange sound. Kaoru tells Junichi to investigate, they approach the room where the sounds are coming from and they see a shadow of the old lady chopping with a sharp knife. They scream and the old lady approaches the door. As the knife appears, they shut their eyes. However, the old lady speaks to them and they look to see that the innkeeper was chopping up a fish. She tells them to have a bath while their meal is being prepared. They proceed to have their bath and they enter the designated baths. While Junichi is relaxing he hears Kaoru scream and runs to help. She tells him that she saw something, but in his haste to help, he reveals himself to Kaoru and she gets angry and throws buckets at him. He runs away but she tells him to join her as long as he takes one corner, she would take the other. Later, they are both in the same bath; looking away from one another. Suddenly, Junichi hears a noise and sees a monkey exit the changing room, with Kaoru’s bra on its head. Kaoru screams and the monkey flees with it. In doing so, she to reveals herself to Junichi and they both turn red with embarrassment.

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They return from the bath with Kaoru angry that the monkey took one of her favourite bras. They enter their room and have a fantastic feast prepared for them by the innkeeper. After the meal, they head off to get some sleep and find that their futons are so close together. After, separating the futons a bit, Kaoru talks to Junichi about their relationship, hoping that this trip would straighten things out however, Junichi has fallen asleep. The next morning, Junichi is about to pay for the stay and realizes that he has lost his coin purse. Kaoru offers to pay for it. On leaving, Junichi explains to Kaoru that in his panic, he left his coin purse at the service area. Kaoru is shocked and furious as she doesn’t have enough money after paying for the stay at the inn. They then start to argue again. After walking, they come to a fork in the path and wonder what route to take. An angry Kaoru goes left, based on her instinct and Junichi follows as grey clouds form overhead. After a while, they realize they are on the wrong path. Suddenly, the heavens open and it starts to rain. They run down the path and take shelter in a bus stop. Junichi looks at Kaoru and her wet clothes. He then remembers that Kaoru has no bra due to a thieving monkey at the inn. He tries to have a peek when Kaoru looks at him. She then realizes and slaps Junichi.

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After, Kaoru apologizes for everything that has happened to them, Junichi also apologizes. Junichi then tells her that they are still on their trip and should enjoy themselves from now onwards. Just then the rain stops and the sun exits the clouds and shines. A man on bike comes up to them and tells them the bus stop is not in use. Later, they find a payphone and Kaoru gives Junichi her last bit of her money. Junichi uses it to ring Miya. However, as Miya answers Junichi can’t get a word in. She tells Junichi that the coach company apologized and will have their luggage returned to them, with Miya paying for its return. Before he can tell her their predicament, the call is cut off. On the beach, they suggest they look for a police box. However before that, Kaoru decides to play on the beach and gets Junichi to join in. After, they lay on the beach and Kaoru tells him that she has fun when she is with him and hopes that they would get along with each other in the future, they then kiss. Suddenly, they are called. They look to see Masayoshi on a boat. Junichi then remembers, that Masayoshi told him that he was going sushi training whilst Junichi was on man training. Junichi turns to Kaoru and tells her that they are saved and their trip comes to an end. Back at school, Kaoru thanks Keiko for suggesting the trip. Junichi arrives at class and Kaoru hands him his artwork that she helped for him. He opens it up and reveals a beautiful picture of a sunset. Kaoru then notices that she hasn’t put in the lighthouse and sits on his knee to draw it. Junichi stammers but Kaoru tells him that this is who they are.

Not really my favourite arc, but at least to end well. It seems that Kaoru’s enthusiasm gets them in to trouble. Junichi lose his coin purse like he did is something I never do. I probably, lost my wallet twice but I was lucky enough to have it returned to me. This was actually due to the stupid trousers I was wearing; the pockets were so small, you would struggle to get a micro SD card in (a bit too extreme but you get the idea; basically you can’t put anything in those pockets without lose it later).  Anyway, I don’t wear them anymore so problem solved. Well next up is one of my favourite characters Sae Nakata, can’t wait.