Koichi and his group finally figure out how to stop this phenomenon but can they do it?


The girl who’s car drove off a cliff is Ayano and the girl who’s brother died is Ogura

Izumi has a dream of when she and Koichi first met by a riverbank.

The class arrive for their field trip to the shrine and take two photos of the whole class to commemorate the occasion. They will visit the shrine on the second day.

The original group who went to get the tape restart listening to the fixed tape and we arrive again at the important part. ‘It’ happened as they reached the bottom of the mountain, in a forest outside their lodgings. Matsunaga got into a fight with another student and then he was suddenly impaled by a branch and died. He ran back to his room and was told that they’d be staying an extra night. The police came about the deaths and questioned him.

He went back the next day but found no trace of the person’s body. He asked his class about the dead guy but they all acted as they’ve never known him. They also said there were 19 on the trip, not 20. And then he realised, the guy he killed, must’ve been the ‘extra’ student. He wanted to tell everyone before he forgets and so that’s why he recorded this tape. That’s the way to stop the phenomenon, kill the one that’s dead.

Koichi asks the fundamental question, can they kill a classmate, even if they figure out who the dead guy is?

During tea that night, Izumi stands up and apologises for her inability to stop the deaths. She then targets the blame at Misaki saying that if she had done her ‘job’ properly this could’ve all been avoided. So she demands an apology from Misaki. Misaki does apologise which spurs outrage from Koichi and Teshigawara, however everything is cut short as one of the other students, Wakui, comes under an asthma attack and with an empty inhaler and no phone service, the librarian resort to driving him to hospital.

Later that night Koichi shows Misaki the pictures he has from old Yomiyama classes. In one photo Misaki Yomiyama was there, but his face was badly blurred.

Misaki tells him that her mum’s real name is Yukiyo and her cousin’s mum’s name is Mitsuyo and they’re twins. Both got married when they were older and Mitsuyo became a mother with twins. One year later Yukiyo also became pregnant but her baby never came. Because of that, Mitsuyo gave Yukiyo one of her twins and that was Misaki Mei. Later when she found out she asked to see her birth mother, but Yukiyo because extremely furious.

However, the two twins were always meeting up and going out, their bond couldn’t be separated. Later her twin wanted a doll for her birthday, but died before she could receive it, hence why Misaki was carrying a doll to her ‘cousin’ in the first episode. And also hence why Misaki told him that ‘it’ had already begun back then, but she didn’t want to believe that her sister died because of some crazy unexplainable phenomenon so she always said cousin.

This is also the reason why Koichi isn’t the ‘extra’ as the phenomenon had already begun before he came. And also because her left eye told her he wasn’t the dead. As in, she can see when people are close to death. She’s been able to tell who the ‘extra’ one was since the start. But before she could tell him Teshigawara bursts into the room.


Looks like I was right, at the very least half right, I gave two guesses and one of them was right. He did kill, and it was the dead guy which fixed the phenomenon. He didn’t find a way to find the dead guy though so that part wasn’t right, but who cares, I got the general idea right, so it’s all good.

Hmm I find it odd that they tell you the names of the dead people after they died as though they never mattered at all when they were alive, just unimportant things heading to the slaughter house, that sorta thing. And they only matter when they’re dead as they’re added to the list of those who have fallen victim to this curse. I like it, gives a nice dark image to the story. Although I could be talking rubbish as I might’ve forgotten the names which were said before, however really don’t think they’ve been mentioned, if so, probably only once, so I think what I said stands, or hope rather…

I’m not so sure I like how Misaki can ‘see’ the dead through her fake eye. Just reminds me strangely of shinigami eyes from death note, i.e. the part on how close someone is to death. It also seems a bit too convenient for their year to have someone who’s able to see the dead, I thought it had something to do with that photo they took of the class. Something like they realise ghosts appear differently in photo or something and rush to get it printed and a few die on the way. But nope, Misaki’s fake eye can tell who the dead guy is… I wonder who it is, my guess is Teshigawara, only because he was the one who burst in.

Well anyway, by the looks of it Teshigawara’s killed someone, he was probably the one sharpening that knife thing earlier, wonder who he’s killed, how and why. We’re nearing the end now so every death now must be significant in some way and not just your average curse death.

Speaking of the end, this season’s about to finish. I’ll have a look what’s on for next season next week, got 3 deadlines coming up all next week so a little busy at the moment, but after that I’m on Easter ‘holidays’, I say that, but it’s supposedly exam revision…