Episode 8: Escape Through the Sewer

I would have a place with an sea view, please

Saito continues to investigate the sunken jet plane in the middle of the waterhole. Tiffania watches him from the shore. Lukshana walks up to Tiffania and tells her that she sees that Tiffania loves Saito. Maddarf and Ari return on dragons. Saito resurfaces and finds Lukshana arguing with them. Maddarf manhandles Tiffania and Saito rushes to her defence. Ari explains that they have to go with them to the council. Meanwhile, the Ostland enters Elf Territory and Colbert tells the others that they may run into the Elf army. Guiche boasts that they would fight them, but Colbert tells all of them that they would run and retreat as it is the Ostland’s unique ability. Meanwhile, Saito and Tiffania arrive at the Elf council. He meets Vidalshal who advices him not to say a word whatever they say. Eshmael meets them and insults both Saito and Tiffania. In the chambers, Eshmael speaks to the floor about a 6000 year prophecy that the users of the void magic and their familiars will cause destruction to the world. Therefore, they must be killed. In addition, he shows that Tiffania also has the void magic and consequently is half-elf as well. Eshmael grabs Tiffania and Saito forgets Vidalshal and rushes to her defence. However, Ari and Eshmael disarm him and use magic on several swords to stop him. This gives the proof which Eshmael needs to kill both Tiffania and Saito, which leads to the most of the council members to agree.

I hope you're not my defence council

Later, Saito and Tiffania are locked up in a cell. Tiffania tends to his wound and she starts crying. She apologizes to Saito for being in this situation and tells him to escape. However, he tells her that he is staying. Tiffania confesses her love for him and she asks for one thing. She leans over and they both kiss. Suddenly Saito’s chest glows and he struck down with intense pain and collapses. Later, Tiffania explains that she performed the summon ceremony back in Romalia and saw Saito fall thorough the portal. Saito tells her that he never heard of two people having one familiar and that he has now magic runes on his chest. They then hear Derflinger at the cell door. The door opens; Derflinger is being carried by Lukshana, who is followed by Ari and Vidalshal. Vidalshal tells them that they are here to help them escape and to follow them. Meanwhile, the Malicorn on the Ostland detects an Elf ship ahead. Colbert suspects it to be a patrol and orders full speed ahead. The Elf ship prepares to attack them, but they are too fast and fly straight pass them. They turn around to give chase and dispatch dragon riders to intercept them.

I have the key

Saito and escape party are in the sewers. Lukshana explains that she participated in their capture for research, but her uncle Vidalshal was opposed to the idea. Vidalshal explains that upon seeing them, their comrades would find it difficult to keep their hatred in check as the history of violence runs deep. Vidalshal also explains that he sided with Joseph out of fear as he wanted to know more about the void magic, on the condition that he tormented Tabitha and her family. He found out that actually the terror doesn’t come from the magic itself, but rather the user’s heart. Vidalshal uses the fire stones as an example, which are used for peaceful purposes but in the hands of Joseph turned into weapons of mass destruction. Tiffania tells them that she would never use her powers for bad and Saito vouches for Louise as well, Vidalshal believes Saito. Vidalshal shows them the exit, but is unable to open it. Turns out that Eshmael anticipate this and sealed the sewers. Eshmael orders troops into the sewer. Saito is unable to open the door with Derflinger when they hear approaching footsteps. They are surrounded and Lukshana spots Maddarf. Ari tries play coy but gets attacked by Maddarf, who tells them that he has orders to kill the demon (Tiffania) and everyone else.

Thy precious green

Meanwhile, the Ostland is pursued by the dragon riders and the Undine knights with Kirche, Montmorency and Tabitha hold them off but Ostland loses power forcing Colbert to stop and to see how they would respond. Louise is about to go outside and use her explosion spell to stop the approaching Elf fleet. Colbert stops her and orders Siesta to hide her below deck. Saito manages break through the elf troops and escapes with everyone down the tunnel. They turn down a passage way and find the door at the end blocked. Surrounded, Vidalshal blocks the way back with a wall to stop the approaching troops. On the Ostland, the group has been captured except Siesta and Louise. Louise begins to pray to see Saito again as the ancestral prayer book glows on the table. Vidalshal tries to use his magic to open the door, but fails. Maddarf is using magic to ram the wall and it begins to crack. He stops momentarily to tell them that he would fill the area with poisonous gas and kill them. Tiffania gives up, but Saito tries to reassure her. He begins to chant Louise’s name as at the same time, Louise is chanting Saito’s name.

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The pages of ancestral prayer book open and runes immediately appear on the pages and Saito’s hand runes glow. Louise’s eyes darken and she starts chanting a spell. She raises her wand and opens up a portal to Saito. She sees him, but starts lose consciousness. Saito grabs her and his chest runes glow and a flow of energy is sent through to Louise and she awakens opening up the portal. Saito and Tiffania walk through. They are then joined by Lukshana, Ari and Vidalshal. Maddarf breaks thorough, but finds no one. The Elf captain is about to take everyone on the Ostland into custody but is stopped by Vidalshal who asks his former student to let the ship and its people go, he agrees. On board, Saito reveals that he has become Tiffania’s familiar, which angers Louise as they have kissed. Lukshana suggests that they would stay on the ship and go with everyone on the Ostland, which Ari objects to. Vidalshal agrees to the idea as the Elven council won’t follow them, but he would return and hide underground. They then watch as Saito is chased around the deck by Siesta, Tabitha and Louise for kissing Tiffania.

This episode was really, really annoying. Saito was given much needed advice by Vidalshal. However, he definitely goes dumb and ignores it. Basically, he was trying to douse a burning fire with petrol and all he did was add to the fire; the much needed evidence and proof for the Elves to kill them. For me Saito really doesn’t deserve a clout on the head, but more of a home-run swing from a baseball bat several times. That’s why I can’t stand dumb male characters; they are seemed to be portrayed as a stupid, pathetic moron and end up getting into trouble or cause a bigger mess. So I doubt that this isn’t over with the Elves and we will probably be seeing them again. However, I am not sure about that jet fighter found in Lukshana’s Oasis. I would like to see it being used, so I am praying that they do. So Tiffania’s has Saito as a familiar, but puzzles me on how this would work out for the future and it puts the relationship between Saito and Louise into problems. So much for the ending I am wanting with Saito and Louise. Since this is the last season and it being 12 episodes, I don’t know what is going to happen in the end.