A year of SOTWs, wow… time’s gone by so fast. I know everyone says that, but it’s so true. Every time my SOTW comes up I realise another 3 weeks have flown by. Even though I’m still young, I can tell that life’s quite short.

But enough about that, since it’s the one year anniversary I thought I couldn’t put any random song on, well it is a random song, but slightly tailored to this in that this particular song was from an anime airing at this time a year ago. That anime is nichijou, and the song is opening theme 1, Hyadain no Kakakata kataomoi-C by Hyadain.

This is a song that just exudes energy, even the name gives off that excited feeling, not hard with that many Kas. I thought listening to this song may help me get some energy, but nope… not helping much, it is getting me moving, just makes me more tired though, and my play’s tomorrow. Oh yeah, if I haven’t said I’ve got a play tomorrow, hence why I’ve been in rehearsals. So, this SOTW didn’t really come at the best time. However, I do love blogging, so it’s a nice change of pace from moving around the stage.

So please, enjoy this hilariously random energetic song, whilst I get back to finishing my essay before it’s tomorrow.