Nakata Sae: Story Arc

Episode 9: Nakata Sae – Part 1: Doubt

Hands up if you are stupid

Sae is being filmed by Junichi doing some documentary with her dressed up as a bear. Junichi finishes the scene and asks Sae to film it again, as the narrator tells us that they have been together for ten months. At school, Sae shows confidence in ordering from the dinner ladies and on the way home she is able to pet a dog, telling Junichi that she recently got a dog herself. However a larger dog walks passed and she shows fear towards bigger dogs; cowering behind Junichi. Later Sae is at her part-time job severing customers at a maid cafe. Junichi and Miya are watching her, Miya tells Junichi that Sae is becoming popular at school and it is increasing. Miya tells him that since they participated in the best couple contest, she has become popular and her class has voted for her to help at the founder’s festival. Junichi thinks that he should play instructor again this time to help her. At school, Junichi overhears chatter about Sae as he meets her for lunch. In the queue, Junichi gets stared at by the other diners with comments on whether he is Sae’s boyfriend. Sae tells him that today’s special is omelette rice, but he is not paying attention. He thinks that he can proof that he is her boyfriend by escorting her.

This is not good

Junichi tells her that he would get the food and she heads off to get a seat. However he stares at the food machine as he can’t remember what Sae would like. He then remembers that she mentioned about omelette rice and decides to order it, but he discovers there are two with different sauces. He struggles as he can’t remember what sauce Sae likes. He thinks hard until Kaoru press the button for brown sauce. She tells him he is holding up a long queue, she then tells him that the canteen provides delicious omelette rice no matter what sauce you choose. Eventually Junichi picks both of them, the cafeteria lady tells him to eat his vegetables and he orders a mini-salad. He reaches another hurdle as he has to choose which salad dressing to have. Rihoko appears next to him has a salad with a brown dressing. He asks her why she chose that particular dressing. She sheepishly tells him that she selected it as it has the least calories in it. Junichi is about to chose it when the cafeteria lady gives him the salad with a thousand island dressing. She tells him that she see him sitting with Sae and that she always orders that dressing. Sae walks over and offers to carry the food; swiftly putting them on the tray and walking to the table.

This would make a great OVA

She places the food on the table and then goes off to buy the drinks, as Junichi sits down. Sae returns and gives him a soda. Junichi makes note of the drink that Sae is drinking; panda cocoa which she tells him she likes. Days later, they go to a shrine to pray for a wish. After Junichi ask her what she has wished for, but she gets embarrassed and tells him it is a secret. Junichi is at home, going through is collection of videos of Sae. Suddenly, Miya bursts into the room and tells Junichi that Sae is having a marriage meeting today. Junichi is in shock and asks where Sae is. Junichi grabs a video tape and they head off. They arrive at the hotel and decide to search for Sae. They search everywhere, with Junichi even disrupting a wedding when Miya drags him off. They head off outside and Miya spots Sae with another man. Miya pushes Junichi off to stop and he runs towards them, but he trips on the edge of the grass and falls, with the video falling out. Sae turns around and it is revealed she is holding her dog. The dog jumps to the ground and lick Junichi in the face. After, Sae tells Junichi that she was having a meet up for her pet dog with another. She adds that she told Miya exactly the details. Junichi then pictures Sae telling Miya who is not paying attention; chibi-form. Sae leaves and Miya continues reading her magazine.  Miya tries to remember what Sae told her and ends up leading to the wrong conclusion.

The troubles of love

Junichi comments on Sae’s kimono, telling her she looks pretty. She tells him that she is happy as she wanted him to see her in it. Sae continues that she is also happy that he came running to her. He tells her that he panicked as Miya got it into his mind that she was participating in a forced marriage. She tells him that she would not marry anyone else. She tells him her wish was to be with him forever, Junichi realises that this was the wish she made at the shrine. Back at school, Junichi tells Masayoshi what happened; with Masayoshi adding that a high school student can’t be forced to get married and that he is happy that their relationship is got a lot stronger. Tsukasa comes over to Junichi and tells him that he has a visitor; he looks over and sees Miya and Sae. Miya tells Junichi that Sae has been selected to be the Founder’s festival committee president. Sae is nervous on what to do and asks for his advice. Junichi tells her to go for it and that he would help her out. Sae perks up and agrees; calling Junichi instructor again, making him happy.

I quite like this episode and especially the quiet and partially shy Sae. For a moment, I thought the bad thing was going to be the force marriage bit, but obviously Miya was being over-dramatic and ignorant to Sae’s explanation. Also it would be difficult to fit the story in with just two episodes per arc. So the big hurdle is Sae’s selection of running the Founder’s festival. Seems there would be a lot of difficulties along the way but I am sure that it could be fit into the last episode of the arc. What is really disappointing is that Junichi doesn’t know much about Sae, even after dating for ten months. Surely someone would know at least her birthday (14th February) and not so much; her blood-type (A). Also they would know what foods they like and what dressing they like on their salad, not the cafeteria lady. How was Junichi going to show the video to prove that he likes Sae so much? Where was the video player going to be outside? It would have been funny if he carried a TV around, but that is just mental. So anyway I was supposed to be catching up on a few blogs; mainly Phi Brain, but somehow I have been drawn to a game called Skyrim, I don’t know why…