Perfect Crime Club goes into the serialisation meeting, will the result be favourable?


We are introduced to Perfect Crime Club with a scenario from the manga. The protagonist explains how after lunch everyone puts their plates into the bin and 20% of students stay at their desks afterwards. He gives an example of Takahashi and he places dishes on Takahashi’s desk whilst he goes to dispose of his actual ones. However that wasn’t a perfect crime as someone called Minami saw him. He then starts to become interested in Minami and watched him as he did the same thing the main character did at lunch the next day. But because he saw, it wasn’t a perfect crime. He follows Minami after school who he notices is following another guy. The scene continues for a week until Minami confronts the main guy called Chimitsu.

We don’t get the rest as Miura laughs and agrees it’s better than KTM. Takagi’s planned for a heroine to join in chapter 2, her name is Annojo Mai. They plan to get her to join by the other two planning a surprise for Mai’s birthday but she finds out through her impressive deductive abilities.

Takahama finishes his name but Miura advises not to submit it for the serialisation meeting as it has no chance of beating Ashirogi Muto.

Yujiro tells Eiji that +Natural is getting an anime soon and Eiji’s wondering if Ashirog Muto will measure up.

Aida gets worried about Ashirogi so he wants to talk with the editor in chief to negotiate down the deal but Miura tells him not to worry.

Takahama calls Ashirogi later and asks to come over to see their name. When he sees it he agrees with Miura that his isn’t good enough. And on serialisation day Miura submits their manuscript with confidence.

Mashiro go to Takagi and Kaya’s house for Christmas eve to get ready to celebrate their manga’s serialisation.

At the serialisation meeting, Perfect Crime Club receives heaps of praise but just when it was about to be given a unanimous yes, the editor in chief steps in with a no as he says they must first say whether if they think it can beat Crow and +Natural.

After a long discussion  and they still can’t come to an agreement, so the chief decides on a majority vote. The vote becomes tied at 3 yes and 3 no with the chief last to vote. He votes for a no.


Story wise I think the episodes have slowed. Which pretty much backs what I said that I think this season will end with the serialisation of the new manga, just stretching out the anime until that point. Even though the head chief’s said no it is quite likely it’ll end up with a yes after some protest. This no is to build some tension and extend the story on a bit, in my opinion anyway.

Not really much I can comment here, and I’m behind on my animes, still need to get Shana and Another up, will be soon, just been busy this week and last week, essays, a play, interviews etc, all going on…

But yes, it was some nice tension building in this episode, but that was pretty much it, not much story development as it’s pretty much got to where they want to stop it, so just gotta watch it til the end now.