The battles continue on and the final card played by Shana, is it finally over?


As expected Yoshida and the other escaped out of that van unharmed by creating an illusion and concealing the real them. Most of the shots hit the illusion and the ones that found their target were taken by Khamshin.

As the huge army of denizens advance on them, Khamshin activates his stone golem transformation to hold them off and then give a farewell to Yoshida telling her to do what she thinks is right.

Shana asks Wilhelmina to assist Khamshin and after a bit of self doubt she drops out of the sky to help out Khamshin and gang.

Yoshida and gang try and find a way to escape through Gyuki creating illusions and dodging the enemy. They try to get into the tower but the concealment spell by Gyuki is hit at the last minute and the enemy turn their attention to them. Luckily Wilhelmina drops down just in time to help. She guards the entrance to the tower whilst the rest gets inside.

Saare and Chiara struggle against Dantalion’s robots and Mammon joins the fray. A barrage of missiles knock Saare off Chiara’s transport and he dodges the missiles on foot until he meets a robot. Chiara tries to rescue him before Dantalion can detonate the robot’s bomb but was blown off course by Mammon. However this was a trap, Saare activates his spell and bounces the detonating robot straight up at Dantalion’s control tower. He activates his evacuation ‘elevator’ but unfortunately for him that was the very thing Yoshida’s gang disabled when entering through the back door into the tower. Dantalion goes up in smoke.

Chiara takes Mammon’s instant of distraction as a good chance to slice him in half, but he’s rescued by Pirsoyn. However with Dantalion gone all the robots are exploding on their own so Mammon comes out of protection and takes all of the explosions with him to protect the tower.

The robots around Khamshin also explode taking him down with them.

With their defense gone Yuji activates Bel Peol’s plan to reverse what Shana did, but it doesn’t work. This was the last of Shana’s plan, Margery infiltrated Bel Peol’s creation and modified their backup plan the same way Shana modified the makeup of the new world.

However Yuji merely smiles at Shana.


And with that the entirety of Shana’s plan has come to fruition. The change she wanted in the Denizen’s new world is implemented with no way of turning back, the battle is won, even Yuji acknowledges that now. That’s what I’m assuming that smile is for at the end, a ‘I lose and I’m proud of you sorta smile’ perhaps? That would be my guess.

I wonder what Sophie’s been up to all this time, the battle’s over, at least that’s what I think, with outlaws sat twiddling their thumbs debating what to do. That’s the problem with a lot of things these days, there’s always so many stages that everything needs to go through that when something urgent comes up the reaction isn’t fast enough. Wonder if they’ll even be shown again in the last few episodes…

I loved the trap set up by Saare, I think that Chiara didn’t know about it hence she tried to rescue him. But that’s fine, you know the old saying, you have to fool your friends first before you can fool your enemies, and it worked well. Although Dantalion’s destruction was partly due to Yoshida’s gang disabling his escape route, but you’d think the disable button, for one thing shouldn’t even be implemented, and for another shouldn’t be all the way on the other end. The main thing is, why would you even need it? They can’t really chase after you if they haven’t got your specifically made escape platform things so why disable it? That would be the only bit I found odd, however, this is Dantalion we’re talking about, he is pretty strange.

I loved Pirsoyn this episode too cos he asked half a body if he was alright, I’m pretty sure you can tell if he is or not by the fact that he just had a fight and was sliced in half. So, it’s probably that he isn’t alright.

Again I saw Khamshin survive for next episode, I wonder how he got out of this one. He was already in bad shape, for him to flee like that must be difficult, if he died, I would’ve easily accepted that as a casualty of war. The battle seems far too one sided for my taste. I don’t mind a death or 2 from the good guys, adds more tension and a sense of danger, rather than always believing the good guys will survive and all the bad guys will be dead even though they’re probably the stronger ones. There have been too many dead bad guys in this, it’s meant to happen, but still, some were just too cheap.

Speaking of dead guys, Lamies surely isn’t dead yet, I wonder where he’s got to, and as always, I’m still wondering what he plans to do with all that power of existence.

So then, how will Yuji fix this? Or will he give up, congratulate Shana and go to his modified paradise? Most likely the latter I think.