Episode 9: Tabitha`s Coronation

May have to move to a strip search

Everyone arrives at the capital city of Gallia Lutis (Beautis) by the Ostland. Lukshana is happy that she can research a barbarian city but Ari is not and wished that he went with Vidalshal. Louise is searching for Saito when she hears him coming off the ship. He runs passed her with Tiffania and hands Lukshana a hat for her to hide her ears. Saito turns to see an angry Louise, who complains about him going off about Tiffania. Lukshana discovers that Louise is Tiffania’s rival for Saito, but is curious about her chest. Lukshana adds that Saito enjoyed touch Tiffania’s which angers Louise even more. Just then a court official greets Tabitha. She tells him to begin the proceedings for the coronation. Later Tabitha changes into royal robes as her mother walks in and thanks her for deciding. Meanwhile, Louise is with Siesta in their room. Siesta talks about being on their guard for rivals of Saito’s affection, namely Tabitha. Siesta then spots Saito outside walking with Tiffania. Louise labels Tiffania as Saito’s second master as she is the first, but she then spots Saito reaching into Tiffania’s blouse. Saito is reaching around under Tiffania’s blouse when he is grabbed by an angry Louise. He explains that he was trying to get a bug out, but she and Siesta don’t believe him as she squeezes his wrist. Tiffania opens up her blouse and a fly exits out the top and flies passed them, making Siesta and Louise feel guilty.

Hug the scary monster

Lukshana wants to visit the palace but Ari passes. Lukshana heads out, only to be stopped by Guiche and Malicorne. They tell her that they don’t want her to leave and cause a commotion, even though Lukshana tells them that she has been allowed go anywhere by Tabitha. Ari explains that if the word gets out that Elves are in the city, would cause panic and confusion and the coronation would be called off. Lukshana tries to get passed Malicorne, but he tries to block her way. Lukshana gets round him and he grabs her; touching her breasts in the process. Ari gets mad and throws his sword at Malicorne, only to stop it an inch away from his face. Ari magically brings back the sword as Malicorne breaks down. Saito arrives and breaks up the confrontation. Saito returns to his room to find several dresses arranged out on the bed. Louise tells him that Tabitha gave them to her as there is a dance after the coronation. Louise asks Saito to help her try on a dress. He nervously helps her and she allows him to touch her breasts. He accepts and after a moment he hugs her. Suddenly, Tiffania burst into the room and asks Saito for help with her dress. Louise angrily goes to help her and buttons the top button. However Tiffania’s cleavage is too big and the fastening snaps and Tiffania reveals herself to Saito, immediately screaming for him not to look.

Nice hat; needs flowers

Guiche and Malicorne still guard the elves; Guiche highlights that Queen Henrietta has arrived for the ceremony to Malicorne. Ari burst out the building and tells them that Lukshana has gone, after telling him that she went for a bath. One of the Undine knights Reynarl tells them that Vittorio has arrived. Guiche fears that if his holiness finds out, it could be bad. They go and explain it to Saito but he can’t help as he has been summoned by Henrietta. Saito, Louise and Tiffania meet with Vittorio, Henrietta and Tabitha. Vittorio apologises for not being able to rescue them. Louise explains that she opened a portal for them to escape. Vittorio is surprised that Louise learned a new void spell called World door. She adds that she almost ran out of energy but grabbing Saito’s hand made it bigger. Saito explains that he has also become Tiffania’s familiar and that he has new runes on his chest. Vittorio is shocked to find that Saito has Liveslatille powers and that he is able to amplify void magic. Saito, Louise and Tiffania leave and bump into Montmorency and Kirche. They invite them to a last night get together with Tabitha, all except Saito as no boys are allowed.

Who agrees with them?

The girls head to the palace and they spot Guiche touching up a maid. Montmorency gets angry, grabs and twists his arm. He tries to explain he is looking for someone but she doesn’t buy his excuse and leaves, with the other girls giving him the evils. Ari tells him that when it comes to women, elves and barbarians are the same. Montmorency continues to complain and the girls bump into Lukshana. Lukshana explains that she was probably the one causing the commotion. Montmorency realises that Guiche was actually looking for Lukshana and realising he was telling the truth she gets embarrassed. Ari and Guiche return to the guest house. Ari gives up on looking for Lukshana and adds that if he voices his opinion, she threatens not to marry him. Guiche agrees and tells him that if he talks to another woman, Montmorency accuses him of cheating. They then agree that women are annoying, whilst they eat and drink. Saito and Malicorne are out walking; happy that Guiche and Ari are getting along, but wonder where Lukshana is. Lukshana calls out to them from the balcony. Montmorency tells them to tell Ari that Lukshana is stay with Tabitha and the girls tonight as Lukshana waves to them from the balcony.

At least they are not fighting

The next day, Tabitha is crowned queen by Vittorio, watched by everyone. Tabitha now proclaims herself Charlotte Helene Orleans, Queen of Gallia. Everyone in the city celebrates the crowing of the new queen. Later, Saito helps Louise with her dress and she wants to talk about earlier on her being his master. He tells her that he doesn’t care about it as she is the only one that he loves. He then leaves, but Louise hasn’t finished putting on her dress. After, Louise searches for Saito and overhears Vittorio talking to Julio and goes over to eavesdrop. They are talking about Saito and him having the Liveslatille powers. They discuss that if Saito uses this power, it would use his life energy, which cannot be replenished. Once it has been used up, he would die. They decide that they would not tell him as it would strike fear into him and he won’t be able to use his powers if a huge disaster occurs. Louise is shocked that Saito would die if he uses his Liveslatille powers. Elsewhere a huge volcanic eruption occurs and streams of molten lava spill out. Inside the lava, a pair of eyes shows thorough the molten rock.

Quite an interesting episode and now Tabitha is now queen of Gallia. Therefore I shall be referring to her as Charlotte from now on. It seems that this episode was highlighting the very nature of the lack of understanding between men and women. Here women are shown to be quick to conclusions and make snap judgements, before the men can explain. This means that the men give up trying to explain the truth as it would fall on death ears. However, the boys would feel a bit of poetic justice here as, the truths are reveal to the girls at some point making them feel guilty of making a swift accusation. I guess some male viewers would feel exonerated by this, but it is not all one-way though. Guys have to think before they act as actions would get them into hot water with the other half. Therefore, it would be better to think it through before diving in head first into the situation. This blog was actually slightly delayed as somehow I ended up skipping this episode and straight into the next one and I missed several important things. So now they have the World crisis coming, meaning that Vittorio spoke too soon, which suggests that Saito’s powers would be used which Louise would dread.