Happy 2nd birthday to LuRa’s anime blog! Yay!!! *Applause* *Cheer* etc etc…

So yes, it’s been 2 years now since that fateful day when I got bored during first year university and started up this anime blog. You know, I never thought I’d make it this far. After 2 years, anime blogging has well and truly integrated itself into my life and has been a big a part as watching anime. I’m afraid I can’t say I’ve enjoyed anime blogging every step of the way though. There have been some animes with episodes that have irritated me and I wish I didn’t have to watch the entire episode because I needed to blog it. But then again, I enjoyed criticising the episode, so I suppose it balances out. Though I’ve found blogging to be a chore at times too, after doing something on a daily basis it happens, it’s natural, and it seems more of a chore when you’re quite busy. However, I’ve persevered, sure some blogs were delayed and perhaps with half as much effort as usual, but I got them done, that’s the main thing.

Oddly enough I think all this reviewing has helped my critical thinking ability, always gotta give an opinion on things is a nice exercise to do. Makes you more confident in your judgement, at least that’s been the case for me. Although I’m not sure if this much blogging everyday has improved my writing. Maybe, maybe not, but the important thing is that I’m always writing, I’ll just get slowly better.

So, that’s pretty much what’s been going on last year, nothing momentous, just the odd hiccups in keeping up to date as my workload slowly builds. Looking to the future, I’m not planning any big changes this time, the blog’s pretty much complete layout wise, no changes there. Content wise, nothing much I can really do apart from say that the new season is starting soon so have a look at my season preview for that if you’re interested in what I could be blogging. As I’ve stated though it is my final year exams soon, so it is quite likely I’ll have to cut my blogs to 3 a week. Although even after a full look through next season there isn’t that many that interests me enough to blog anyway.

There is something that Raven might be starting, that is anime theme quizzes. I’m sure there’ve been many elsewhere, but Raven wants to start his one and so please have a look, roughly 2 min of video with 6 seconds from a single opening theme. You need to give anime name, song name and artist name, and which op is it of the anime e.g. 1st op, 2nd op etc, some of the animes only have 1 op so just say 1st op. Those are the rules. I’ll create a separate blog for that to where you can post your answers, I have to say though, the first one should be relatively easy for most anime fans. This will be quiz 1, Raven is planning to make more, perhaps an ending one, but anyway, I’ll give more information on that separate post including link to video.

That’s all I wanted to say really, I give my sincerest thanks to all readers who visit this blog and I hope you will give me and my team your continued support.

Thank you!