Ren vs Aichi continues as Aichi struggles to fight his own Psyqualia again


After the power up Ren calls a second Phantom Dragon to the frontline. He attacks with his vanguard Phantom Dragon and Aichi guards with a 10k and 5k and intercepts with 5k. Ren draws a critical trigger but isn’t enough for his vanguard to get through the defense so he gives it to rearguard Phantom Dragon. Aichi is unable to guard the rearguard Dragon’s attack. With that attack Ren traps Aichi in a fear inducing illusion to try and draw out Psyqualia from him, but again he’s able to refuse its powers. Ren tries another tactic by insulting Kai to draw out Aichi’s anger. Damage is dealt and Aichi cowers down in pain. 4-3.

Aichi rides Alfred Early and superior calls Blaster Blade from soul and uses counterblast to destroy rearguard Phantom Dragon. We see Aichi’s Psyqualia showing signs of activating and Ren explains that it’s because of danger and anger. Ren gives him a push by insulting him and Kai together and finally triggers Aichi’s Psyqualia.

Back in Ultra-rare’s ‘box’ Rekka is suddenly possessed by someone else who says the time has come and he/she must see the rest of the fight.

Aichi’s voice changes a little and he calls out Blaster Dark! This move surprises everyone, including Ren. Aichi then initiates his attack. Blaster Blade is guarded, Alfred Early deals 1 damage and Aichi uses the same trick Ren did to damage him and make him feel physical Pain. 4-5.

The possessed Rekka says that a side effect of Psyqualia is changing of someone, but that can’t be helped. They need that power to help Cray. A mysterious power has appeared at and all the clans are facing extinction. Two clans are debating on how to approach the problem, they are the Royal Paladins and Shadow Paladins. To sort their problems out they face each other in battle and the winner will have control of all the clans to deal with the mysterious force.

Psyqualia synchronises the user with what’s going on in Cray and so whoever wins this fight, will also decide the outcome of the battle in Cray.

Ren’s still confident that he’ll win however Aichi laughs as Ren’s never faced another Psyqualia user so Aichi’s confident as well.

Kai can’t hold back himself any longer and shouts out for Aichi to remember their fight. As Aichi struggles with himself about who is the real him Ren declares final turn. He crossrides Phantom Blaster Overlord.


So Psyqualia’s synchronises the battle in Cray to the fight in the real world. Well, I think I was right, at least some parts of my theory was. Out of the many many theories I came up with I’m certain I said something similar or related to the truth. I was right that Cray existed and the fights here are to do with the fate of that world and something, don’t quote me on that though, I’d already half forgotten everything I’ve said. But either way whatever I did say, I know I was close.

What I’m still wondering about is how this power came about and why, I don’t believe the answer’s going to be something like we needed someone to sort out our civil war so we’ve decided to give a few unrelated beings from an unrelated planet powers to decide it for us. That sounds completely illogical, there must be a higher power at work here that created and gave this power that’s not Cray inhabitants themselves and it’s not for the sole purpose of deciding a war. I always thought it was a cry for help or something and the power would find its way to ‘worthy’ warriors and they’d come to Cray to help fight a big evil. Think that was part of my theory in which case I was half right, about the big evil part.

But anyway, I want to go to the point about picking ‘worthy’ warriors. Another thing I wonder is why the power went to who they went to. If you look at it from before they had the power Ren and Aichi were both probably no more than side characters , i.e. probably the type that just has a bit of fun and doesn’t want to be hugely involved and doesn’t want to be ‘leading the charge’ if you will. So why them? Wouldn’t someone like Kai be a better choice? He seemed the strong, leadership type. And what about Misaki? Having faced sorrow and fought through it she is a strong person. If I was to give a reason I think it’s because that both Aichi and Ren were naïve and young and open to ideas, so perhaps they were the ones that would be easier to ‘manipulate’ so to speak?

I guess the rest of my questions can be just passed off because it’s fantasy, like I wondered why this specific power of synchronising also granted the power of the user winning every/nearly all their fights in a card game. But something like the actual monsters lending you their ‘power’ explanation will do really.

I wonder when Aichi slipped Blaster Dark into his deck. If it’s the only Shadow Paladin in the deck, then that’s a bad build, and even if it’s Shadow and Royal Paladins, I don’t think they mix together well. Then again, one swarms, one sacrifices, maybe they could. But still, having a Blaster Dark in your deck surely means that you planned to have Psyqualia back at some point then, either that or Aichi is planning to ride Majesty Lord Blaster. I vote for the latter.

I’m surprised Aichi fell back into Psyqualia again though, guess he still needs to sort out his anger issues. But oh well, Kai’s still there, I’m sure he’ll be able to get break Aichi out of it again, although that said, I’m not sure he can win without Psyqualia and I wonder what’ll happen to Cray if he doesn’t use Psyqualia.

So anyway, apart from the truth of Psyqualia being revealed and Aichi actually using Psyqualia, there wasn’t anything else of interest. Just wanna get it finished now and see the choice he made, I believe next episode will end the first season, so I hope for a grand finale, even though it does continue.