As the secret gets out, mass murder occurs


This episode starts with Izumi talking about how in primary school there was a girl just like Misaki but with no eye-patch. Suddenly something clicks in Takako’s head.

Teshigawara barges into Misaki’s room and asks Kouichi and Misaki if they know Tomohiko Kazami. But he’s the class rep, who doesn’t know him. Teshigawara says that he was sure that Kazami was the extra, by this time the two knew what he did.

He didn’t mean to kill him though, after an argument they were out on the balcony and the next thing he knew, Kazami was on the ground, blood pouring from his head. However falling from that height might not have killed him so the three go to look.

On the way Koichi spots a half opened door and decides to look when suddenly an arm grabs his leg. It’s Maejima, covered in blood. He was stabbed. He mutters something about the manager and about the dining hall so Koichi takes a look and sees a sea of flames. On the other end, is the manager, sitting on a chair, impaled by dozens of knives.

Koichi calls for everyone to get out and Izumi, Misaki and Teshigawara appear. Kazami’s body is gone. There’s a sudden scream from upstairs from Takako and they all rush up apart from Teshigawara who’s left to look after Maejima.

As Koichi, Misaki and Izumi arrive at her and Takako’s room all they see is blood outside. They go in to find nothing but blood stains.

Yuya appears saying that Kazami came into his room and he showed him the tape. When they go back to Yuya’s room the cassette player’s gone. Teshigawara comes saying he left Maejima with someone who came to help.

Koichi tells everyone to get the others out of their rooms. Teshigawara and Yuya go to Mikami’s room but she’s not there and they spot blood down the corridor. They follow the blood to a room and open the door, in the shadows a person stands still. When lightning strikes they see that it’s a woman, covered in blood, holding a red stained cleaver.

A scream echoes through the house from Teshigawara and Yuya so Koichi, Misaki and Izumi decide to check it out. But before they go they hear slow footsteps approaching. It’s Takako and she pulls out a sharp metal rod shouting send the dead back to where they belong.

Koichi grabs Takako’s weapon off her so she doesn’t attack Misaki and finds out that she had heard the cassette. At that time the announcement radio sounds and the tape is played out. After the important part finishes Takako declares that the dead is Misaki Mei because they went to primary school together and back then she had no eye patch, so she was reborn incomplete. Therefore, they must kill her.

People start appearing out of their rooms all chanting send the dead back to where they belong. Mikami stands in a guy’s way and was knocked unconscious. Koichi and Misaki have no choice but to run for it.

Teshigawara and Yuya continue to walk slowly away from that murderous woman after an injury stops Teshigawara from running all the while Koichi and Misaki expertly avoid everyone else

Two students elsewhere smell burning and one of them open the door to the dining hall only to be completely overwhelmed in flames and burnt to a cinder.

Koichi and Misaki think they are safe but Takako tracks them down and takes Koichi out by stabbing him in the arm and stamping on his face. She then tries to attack Misaki but gets caught in some wires and dies from suffocation.

Izumi appears, gets the wrong idea and wants to kill Misaki too. Misaki says to herself that if the dead guy is killed everything would stop. With that she rushes further upstairs and the roof caves in not allowing anyone to follow.


Well, Teshigawara’s an idiot, he acted way too rashly, he must’ve forgot that the dead don’t know they’re dead, so asking will give nothing more than odd looks and suspicion. I think he just cracked and panicked.

You know, I’m surprised Misaki managed to stay so calm in the face of so much blood, craziness/mentalness and death. She knew who it is so why didn’t she just shout it out, would make things easier, sure she doesn’t want to kill her classmates but by the looks of things, other classmates think differently, so just say the name and they’ll do the work for her. And also I’m sure she’d rather one person die than everyone chasing after her and dying accidently because of her. So I don’t understand why she won’t say, unless the dead person is actually her. But it’s more than likely that it’s got nothing to do with Izumi’s classmate from primary school, that’s probably her twin, I mean for one thing reborn incomplete sounds stupid, I don’t believe the dead is that stupid to be born incomplete. So if she is the one then that means she’s off to commit suicide then? At the end it did look like she was determined to kill the dead, if it’s not her, I wonder if she’ll have the guts to kill. I personally don’t think so, she doesn’t seem the type, but if it is her, then I don’t think suicide is out of her reach however.

Anyway the main thing from this episode I wanted to say is how I don’t like the transition from a nice slow tension and suspense building, fear inducing and psychological anime to a simple hack stab murder gore anime. This was not what I signed up for when I decided to watch this. Sure I expected the odd gory death here and there, but that’s fine if it’s just one or two to help induce the fear and suspense into the anime in that it gives the feeling of anyone can just up and die. This episode ruined that. I don’t even know why everyone would suddenly turn mentally murderous, I guess they all mentally broke after so many deaths but even still, the subtleness of the mystery was just shattered.

It’s now just another murder gore fest, I don’t mind that, I enjoyed Blood C and the like, but for this I wanted a mystery that slowly moves to the answer whilst building tension and suspense throughout like with the odd person dying now and then, like a race against time to find the answer. Not as soon as the answer comes people go mental and start slashing around sharp metal rods. If I wanted to watch some mindless killing I’d go to Elfen Lied. I mean some things don’t even make sense, like that crazy woman, what the hell’s up with her? Why did she just suddenly start killing people, that makes no sense, what’s wrong with that guy who died in the dining room, that’s a bit brutal for a normal murder…

Well anyway before I go into a full on rant I’m just saying I like suspense horror and the subtle fear in that, like a movie I watched recently The Woman in Black, there was barely any blood, and I enjoyed the film. If you want to go full on blood and gore, then make it that type of anime, I never saw Another as that sort of anime and still won’t.

Okay, apart from the huge transition and murdering rampages, episode progressed nicely. The next episode is the last I believe so I’m still looking forward to find out who the dead person is and of course I’m intrigued on how they’ll wrap this up, whether more will die, or a more survivors than it looks like etc.