The murders finally come to a close as the dead one is revealed


As the entire mansion slowly catches on fire, everyone makes a run for it. Teshigawara and Yuya is saved from the mad woman as the librarian returns.

Koichi makes his way around and meets Matsui but she was stabbed in the neck before she could say another word by Kazami. He blames Koichi for Sakuragi’s death but before he could stab Koichi, Izumi appears and slams his head with a metal bar. She wants to deliver a finishing blow but the librarian appears to grab the metal bar off her. She walks away in anger.

Koichi and the librarian bring Kazami outside. Koichi heads back in to find Misaki and Izumi about to face off so he rushes to stop them.

A battle ensues as the house erupts in random explosions. A random bolt of lightning shatters some glass in the mansion and Izumi is pierced to death. She then remembers one and a half year ago when the two of them first met.

More explosions occur and Misaki goes missing again. Koichi calls her and she says she’s in the backyard but tells Koichi not to come as she needs to end this ‘curse’ and he’ll regret it if he comes, she hangs up.

Koichi races to the backyard and sees Misaki with a pickaxe about to kill. The extra tries to crawl out from underneath some huge pieces of wood and Koichi realises it’s Reiko/Mikami. No other class have an assistant class teacher. The class had the right amount of desks as well, but the phenomenon still began in April, because the faculty room lacked a chair.

Koichi stops Misaki from killing her and says he’ll do it. But as he raises the pickaxe he starts to question himself. Misaki then remembers how Mikami died a year and a half ago.

Suddenly, everything made sense, why Koichi visited a year and a half ago, why he couldn’t remember Izumi, why his granddad was talking about funerals. He bids farewell, swings down the pickaxe and collapses on the ground.

Days later, Koichi and Misaki visit Reiko and Ritsuko’s grave, no one else from class remembers Reiko. The librarian appears and puts some flowers into the grave, and notifies them of the deaths from this year.

And with that the phenomenon is stopped for the second time. Teshigawara makes his own recording of how to stop it and sticks it up where he found the other one. He warns that after learning the method, the class should talk it over, so that there are no regrets.


Well, it was a gore fest to end, in the opening 2 minutes there were as much deaths and gore as the first half of episodes. I still can’t say I liked it, for the same reasons I stated last episode. However, overall I do like the series. It was an interesting and entertaining anime, in my opinion the ending ruined it a little, when we finally discovered it was Reiko I thought a lot of the impact was already lost. And the fact that Misaki knew it all along kinda ruined the mystery a little too, mainly because they did it a way I don’t think was effective, i.e. found out it was Misaki then everything came together in Koichi’s head. I think if they did it the other way round it would’ve been so much better, i.e. everything becomes clear and all tied together in Koichi head first and then he runs out to find his suspicions were right. Would’ve had more of an impact I think, because when I watched Mikami crawl out from under the log I knew it was her then so I slightly lost interest in the tying everything together part. If you tied it together and then found out that it was right, I think the impact would’ve been better.

I was rather surprised that Misaki was going to kill Mikami, really didn’t think she was that type, but then again she does seem a little detached from everything so perhaps it’s not as difficult for her.

Still, really could’ve done without the murder spree. There was absolutely no need for the gore, it just escalated the anime too high in the surprise department that made Reiko being the extra seem like something added on the side. The killings in my opinion just got in the way of a lovely mystery and turned it into something it was never meant to be.

I loved the librarian this episode. Comes in, sees a murderous woman and all he can say is ‘this isn’t normal’.

I still wonder about some of the murders like how did all the glass hit Izumi and nothing hit Koichi and Misaki. And of course there’s the murderous rampaging woman, apparently she was already mentally unstable, I still find it hard to believe she’d suddenly turn homicidal in one night. And another thing was Reiko’s death those years ago, an unidentified assailant? That’s just… I dunno… seems like the author ran out of ideas and stuck it in. I didn’t like it.

Overall I still think this series was good, but the last 2 episodes did ruin it for me. I would still recommend it to mystery lovers but I’d warn them about the last 2 episodes. Apart from that, it was alright. Yeah, I guess I enjoyed it in the end.