Yuji plays his trump card, but it wasn’t meant to be


Yuji still smiles even though Shana’s plan has come to fruition. He points up at the egg Hecate is in and declares it was a decoy.

A light suddenly engulfs Rofocale and he hails the honour of summoning a God.

Yuji explains that the Reiji Maigo will be used as the clock strike 12 to gather all the distortion that denizens have created throughout centuries, that is his true plan.

Midnight comes and Yuji activates Reiji Maigo collecting huge amounts of energy and channelling it to the egg. It grows at a tremendous rate shattering the snake around it and transforming the skies into what looks like a galaxy of stars.

Suddenly a bright white light fills the sky from Rofocale and a voice appears to all those involved. The God of Guidance Shaher makes is here, she announces of a new being, a descendant from Pheles and Johann.

After Shaher’s light fades Snake gather the dreams of all the Denizens and he finally creates Xanadu. However, the change that Shana implemented stays. That’s what the denizens wished for.

The fighting ceases and Snake calls Ribesal to lead everyone into the new world. Bal Masque will temporarily disband so everyone can enjoy the new world however they like for a while. Pirsoyn is also summoned and he and Ribesal head first into a brave new world.

Following Ribesal’s example thousands upon thousands of Denizens follow suit and disappear into the new world. After them some of the stronger Denizens follow as commanded by Snake.

Bel Peol separates Snake from Yuji and Snake compliments Yuji and approves of his desires. He leaves with Bel Peol but as a token of thanks Sydonay decides to stay behind with Yuji to help him in his final fight.

Before Snake disappears he makes a final announcement congratulating the flame haze as their change was implemented and their fight was meaningful.

Yoshida’s helpers leave her and the rest of the flame haze to grieve over Khamshin’s death.


So in the end Yuji did have another trick up his sleeve, but the denizens seemed to have learnt from this experience and yielded to Shana’s will. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that, on one hand this could’ve just been an easy way to get Shana to ‘win’ without her having to pull out another trick, but on the other hand denizens are also living creatures who don’t want to die, so perhaps they’ve also had enough of war and want to move on, to a more peaceful life. Either way, Shana’s plan worked in the end as there was no chance of it happening if she wasn’t there.

I’d almost forgot about Rofocale, I had wondered what all that announcing thing was about, so he turns out to be a disciple of another God, a god of announcements… or something, that begs the question why did Yuji have Rofocale tag along with him? I mean okay, he probably wanted to announce the creation of his new world. But if that’s the case then why didn’t he recognise the very voice he wanted to announce things for him? And also he surely doesn’t need an announcer God to do that, he’s doing it fine himself.

However, with everything now ‘finished’ there is one episode left and room to clear up some other loose ends, hope everyone hasn’t forgotten Lamies, can’t wait to find out what he’s about to do with all that power he’s probably already gathered. It was literally raining power so I’m sure he’s got enough by now.

So Khamshin died in the end, as sad as it is, it does teach us war isn’t without sacrifices, even if you’re the ‘good’ guy. So that’s okay, I did dislike the fact that there was a chance Khamshin might’ve survived after so many of my favourite characters died without any ‘epicness’, Khamshin went with a bang, quite literally. He was an interesting character, but I think he’s probably had enough of this world by now, so this was the way to go.

Another question, what did Johann and Pheles create that’s worthy of a god’s announcement? Rofocale saw it and I didn’t think it was of any importance, but it looks like it is. All I see is a bottle of some sort, a very nicely decorated glass bottle, perhaps for holding some expensive cognac, but I don’t see how that’s so special. Though, I’m certain something this big will have to be explained next episode.

Not many things left then, it’s got one episode left, plenty of time to wrap things up neatly. Finished with time to spare I’d say. Lamies and that bottle are the two main explanations I want. I would like to know what’s happened to Sophie and that group of slow people who can’t act to save their lives… apart from that I’m just hoping for a nice finale to end Yuji and Shana’s struggle.