Episode 10: Awakening of the Disaster

She needs a watch

Louise is dancing with Saito, but she is unhappy as she thinks back to what she overheard Vittorio said about Saito dying by using his Liveslatille powers. Saito comments that he has got better at dancing whilst Louise hopes that there is no disaster. Meanwhile a village is destroyed by a lava flow from an erupting volcano. The next morning back at the mansion, Siesta walks into Louise and Saito’s room; waking them up, however Louise is already up showing signs that she didn’t sleep. Siesta asks what is wrong, but Louise tells her its fine. Siesta could tell she was lying and wants the truth. Louise is about to tell her when there is a knock at the door. It is Agnes, who wants Louise, Saito and Tiffania to go with her to meet with Queen Henrietta. Louise, Saito and Tiffania meet with Queen Henrietta. Henrietta tells them that they are to go to Romalia. Henrietta adds that she received a message from Vittorio detailing that a village at the foot of the Fire Dragon Mountains was destroyed. Louise feels miserable again, but Saito is happy to aid the Pope. Henrietta asked for the aid of Queen Charlotte to provide a dragon to help them. Irukukuu enters the room and tells them that she would carry them to Romalia and that Julio would meet them at the border. Back at the mansion, Siesta tells them good luck and also tells Louise that it would be fine, even though she doesn’t know what is going on.

Have you got a travel visa?

Saito, Tiffania and Louise fly to Romalia on Sylphid. After a while, they fly over Aquileia and find it completely destroyed by fire. Circling they see survivors and they go down to help. Suddenly, Saito is warned by Deflinger and he looks to see a swarm of dragons heading towards them. Saito fights them off, when he notices a something which fires a huge fireball at them, forcing them up. They are then joined by Julio on a dragon, who tells them that there is no time to explain but to follow him and get out of there. They follow as Julio explains that the dragons in the area have gone insane, but reassures them that Rhyme Dragons (Sylphid) are unaffected. He adds that the cause is the Ancient Dragon; pointing to it. Vittorio addresses the people, telling them that the ancient dragon is coming to the sacred city of Romalia. However, he tells them that they can defeat the dragon and plan to attack it at the valley of Oltia. He then orders the Holy Knights to head out. Julio meets with Vittorio with Louise, Saito and Tiffania tagging along. Vittorio explains that this could be the World Crisis that he feared; when queried by Tiffania. He goes on to explain that he learnt about the crisis from an ancient text about the world being charred.

I haven't got time to play fetch!!!

Vittorio then tells them his plan. He explains that Louise’s explosion spell is crucial for the attack, however the Dragon is protected by a magical barrier and must be removed; therefore Vittorio himself would focus on this task. He then asks Tiffania to protect the Holy Knights with her memory wipe spell on the Ancient Dragon’s minions. Finally he asks Saito to uses his Liveslatille powers, Saito accepts unaware of the danger to himself, ignoring the objections from Louise. Later, the Knights take positions around the valley’s edge. Julio and Vittorio are flying on a dragon, as Julio expresses concern over using Saito’s powers. Vittorio explains that they have at least one or two attempts before the Liveslatille powers disappear, but will decrease Saito’s lifespan. Louise tells Saito not to use his powers to help and eventually reveals the truth to him of what she overheard from Vittorio and that he would die. Louise hugs him and sees Tiffania who had been eavesdropping.  Tiffania blames herself for making Saito her familiar and runs off crying. The ancient dragon arrives; Saito eventually tells Louise he would still do it regardless of his life, as he wants to protect everyone including Louise. Julio comes to get him and Saito tells Louise to look after Tiffania before leaving with Julio. The ancient dragon heads into the valley and the Holy knights attack the cliff, trapping the dragon. The knights are then attacked by the smaller dragons, but are saved by Tiffania’s mind wipe spell.


Meanwhile Vittorio, Julio and Saito head towards the Ancient Dragon and Vittorio casts a healing spell on it; damaging to evil things, therefore it removes the Ancient Dragon’s outer skin. Vittorio turns to Saito to use his Liveslatille powers to amplify the void spell. Saito starts to struggle after a moment as the Ancient dragon turns towards them. The ancient dragon reveals a third eye and it mesmerizes their white dragon and it starts to fly towards the Ancient Dragon. The Ancient Dragon attacks them with a fire attack, but an early warning from Derflinger; Saito uses him to block the attack. However Deflinger finds that the attack is too strong and bids farewell to Saito before shattering into pieces. Saito then falls from the dragon in shock, but is saved by Sylphid. Louise and Tiffania watch as Julio’s white dragon continues towards the White Dragon. Vittorio stops his spell and tells Julio he has to live and throws him off. Julio falls and watches in horror as Vittorio and his white dragon are eaten by the Ancient Dragon.  The Ancient Dragon then absorbs the void magic, as its eyes turn from yellow to red.

This was really a shocking episode as two main characters bite the dust. Both deaths were upsetting, Deflinger; Saito’s trusted sword and partner is shattered by a powerful attack, but at least Deflinger had a honourable death by going out protecting Saito. Vittorio’s death was horrific as he was eaten alive. However, the episode did seem a bit predictable as Saito mention that he would like to have the rocket launcher from the first season (Fouquet’s Rock Golem; I vote to be Osmond’s familiar). It means that this plan would fail and that Saito would either get that plane from Lukshana’s Oasis or something similar. I feel that this anime is proceeding to far quickly and it jumps to one disaster to another and it gives that sense of being rushed. It should have been 24 episodes instead of the usual 12, like the previous seasons.