Now, and this is going to sound strange, I’m not blogging an anime theme this week.

Instead, I’m blogging a song by a band who used a different song of theirs for an anime theme. Segueing brilliantly, I know. The song and anime in question was Raion for BLOOD+, which by the way, are as awesome as this song here.

Vuena Vista is not from the same single. Nor the same album. So it has directly nothing in common with Raion except for the fact that Jinn perform it.

But it’s still awesome. More people should recognise them as awesome. It’s a good adjective to describe them.


I didn’t really have much else to say.

As some of you might know, I’m a wrestling fan. And Wrestlemania’s on now. So… Yeah. Enjoy this, whilst I enjoy that. Nice trade, I reckon.