A surprise turnaround, a surprise present, a surprise change and a surprise thought


One of the serialisation committee stands up to change their vote as they don’t want Ashirogi Muto to be forbidden to draw for Jack. Two others also change their vote.

With that turnaround Takagi’s phone rings and they get the official yes for serialisation from Miura. Fukuda and Eiji also call to congratulate them.

As Mashiro digs into Azuki’s cake, he finds a USB stick. It’s a present from Azuki, her singing ‘we wish you a merry Christmas’.

Ashirogi Muto’s editor is changed back to Hattori as the chief editor can tell Hattori understands them much better than Miura and would work better with them. Miura isnow in charge of +Natural.

For this week’s fact about Aoki to Hiramaru, she wants a special Otters 11 figurine. So Hiramaru calls her but is disappointed to find out it’s her assistant who wants it.

Hattori is reunited with Ashirogi Muto but seems a little odd. He tells them that Perfect Crime Club was voted for a loss but still got through because of the potential. So Ashirogi decide to rewrite the first chapter completely. Hattori says that the gap between them and Eiji may be due to his expressiveness, e.g. how he uses sound effects, short easy to read dialogue etc. There’s also how Eiji effectively uses blank spaces and scenery. The meeting goes into more detail and Miura takes his leave.

The next day Miura meets up with Iwase and gets off to a rocky start as she’s annoyed that both Takagi and Hattori ‘tossed’ her away. The handing over of editors with Eiji goes slightly smoother.

Mashiro comes up with an idea and they call Hattori over too. He wants Takagi to write just a script, so that he can freely use his imagination to draw the panels and storyboard.

Fukuda decides to draw a new one shot to compete with the newly serialised Ashirogi Muto.


As expected Perfect Crime Club is serialised. The fact that there was an editor change doesn’t surprise me, and I’m not just saying that because I read the manga, it’s because I think even the chief saw how Hattori had been helping Ashirogi Muto behind the scenes and even if he didn’t see, that kind of determination to help someone will stand out eventually. I do feel sorry for Miura though, he wound up with the short end of the stick, Iwase’s gonna rip him apart… and he didn’t look like he was comfortable with Eiji’s enthusiasm. You just feel he’s not up to this challenge, well who knows, he could turn it around, but with his attitude he’ll just die slowly every time he meets Iwase.

Not much else in this episode really, I can see they’re slowing the story down for a finish which will probably be when this new idea of theirs take off in a good way. It’s a good idea I have to say, the artist should be given free reign over how he wants things to look, the writer doesn’t know as much about panelling and scenery etc as the artist so he should just stick to what he knows best and that’s the script. Makes me wonder why they never thought of this earlier.

Only other thing I can comment is Azuki’s gift, that USB in the cake had a scent of a ‘perfect crime’ but no one said anything…

Well, let’s see how Mashiro’s new drawing tactic goes, they’re also planning to rewrite the first chapter, so we’ll see how much better they can make it, to compete with +Natural and Crow. And this will wrap up this season.