Morishima Haruka: Story Arc

Episode 11: Morishima Haruka – Part 1: Sexy


Haruka is waiting for Junichi, who arrives out of breath. He apologises for being late, but actually he was on time. Haruka takes him by the arm and they walk down the street together. Haruka notices Junichi is staring at her. He tells her that he is happy and wishes that they could be together. Haruka agrees and then notices the wedding dresses in the shop window, commenting on how beautiful they are. She then asks Junichi if he would like to meet her parents. At school, Haruka tells Hibiki what had happened on the date. Hibiki asks about Junichi’s response, Haruka tells her that he just turned red in embarrassment. Haruka is reading a magazine and tells Hibiki that the chapel on the page is in England, where her grandfather proposed to her grandmother. Haruka recalls the story to Hibiki about her grandparents adding that it was the same day as when her grandmother graduated. She tells Hibiki that she told Jessica she would like to have a wedding like her grandparents. Hibiki asks who Jessica is. Haruka tells her she is her cousin from England; Morishima Sexy Jessica. Hibiki figures that Haruka was trying to give the hint to Junichi on their date, but Haruka denies it. Although Haruka wishes it would happen but asks Hibiki not to tell Junichi.

You may kiss the book

Hibiki then spots Junichi and calls him over, making Haruka blush. Hibiki tells Junichi that Haruka has a cousin called Jessica. Haruka tells Junichi that Jessica is like her but with blonde hair and green eyes. She then asks Junichi if he has some spare time to come with her. Haruka and Junichi have a mock wedding ceremony with Hibiki as the officiant. Haruka hums the bridal chorus (NOT the Wedding March) and Hibiki begins. They continue right up until the kiss which Hibiki stops with the mock bible (a Japanese dictionary). Junichi has a lewd thought that after the wedding comes the wedding night. Haruka announces she is pregnant and Junichi finds himself in the nursing office. They have a pretend visit to the doctor, with Hibiki as the obstetrician. Junichi and Haruka get involved into the role, but Hibiki feels uncomfortable and embarrassed. Haruka then moves on to the family meal. They end up in the canteen and have a pretend family meal with Hibiki playing the role of their child. Haruka feeds Junichi and wants it in return, but won’t accept unless he calls her Haruka. Hibiki; still in her role asks Junichi how he proposed to Haruka. Embarrassed, Junichi tells them it is a secret. After school, Haruka is in a mood with Junichi, Hibiki advices Junichi to have a proposal story ready next time. Just then, Haruka gets a hug from a blonde girl and she is surprised to see it is Jessica.

Thank God she doesn't exist; can't stand that snigger!

Jessica greets a shocked Haruka and tells her that she arrived in Japan today. She looks over and asks about Haruka’s friends. Haruka introduces Hibiki and Junichi, Jessica then hugs them both and identifies Junichi as Haruka’s boyfriend, because he is cute and kiss him on the cheek, which Haruka complains as they are in Japan. Jessica tells her that she is here for Haruka’s graduation ceremony and to do a little sightseeing. She then adds about Haruka having a boyfriend that he may follow in hers and their grandmother’s footsteps, but before she can finish her sentence she stopped by a hysterical Haruka. Jessica is puzzled by Haruka’s reaction, but understands the situation when she is motioned by Hibiki to keep quiet. That night Haruka complains to Jessica that it has to be a secret so that she doesn’t look like she asking for a proposal. Jessica tells her that she asked to be proposed to, but Haruka tells her that she is different. Jessica asks about Junichi knowing the situation of Haruka, but Haruka hasn’t told him. At home, Junichi starts thinking about Jessica and Haruka. He ends up trying to imagine Miya with blonde hair and green eyes. He then thinks about Haruka’s graduation and that he would be spending less time with her.


At school, Junichi spots Haruka and calls to her, but she doesn’t respond until he taps her on the shoulder, startling her. He notices that she looks down and decides to cheer her up by continuing with the role-playing. She tells him maybe and leaves. Junichi tells Masayoshi about Haruka’s mood. Kaoru thinks that Junichi has been dumped by Haruka, which he strongly denies. Later, Rihoko talks to Junichi and tells him that Kaoru had been spreading rumours about him breaking up with Haruka. Junichi then gets a phone call from Jessica. Jessica tells him that she would be going off to do some sightseeing. She also tells him that Haruka is feeling lonely and that there are many rival guys wanting Haruka, in England. After school, Junichi meets Haruka and takes her to the shed. He tells her that he loves her and he won’t lose to the other guys. Haruka laughs and points out those rivals are when she was a kid. However, she is happy that she came to the shed as she had fond memories of it and wanted to come back. Walking home, Junichi apologises for getting worked up, which makes Haruka laugh. Junichi notices that she is cheered up. He then invites her to come to his house sometime.

This is the final arc of the girls. So the story did end with Haruka and Junichi getting married, but we didn’t know how it led up to that. There were several hints given to Junichi to make him propose to Haruka, in order to follow Jessica and Haruka’s grandmother. I suppose she could of waited until a leap year, but they only come every 4 years, however she can’t wait that long. Anyway, it was odd to see a double of Haruka, but with blonde hair in the form of Jessica. Jessica is also named to a great song as well. She is being cheeky and evasive in order to push Junichi into “popping the question”. Also, I don’t know if her parents christen her with the middle name “Sexy”, maybe it is a nickname (Jessica “Sexy” Morishima).Well, it is going to be the final episode of the main girls and that is it. I don’t expect there will be another season, because I don’t know how it would work after this season.