The match finally comes to a close and the fierce battle in Cray is settled.


Ren calls Grim Reaper and Fatalita. Phantom Dragon attacks with persona blast +10k power and +1 crit. Aichi guards with Llew, Margal, Kay and Lien taking his total to 25k. First trigger check for Ren is heal and second is a draw taking his total above 25k. 2 Damage is dealt. 1st Damage trigger gives nothing, but second trigger is a heal trigger, Aichi’s still in it!

Aichi wonders which of him is the real him and the dark side and light side of him fuse together and he rides Majesty Lord Blaster. Blaster Dark destroys Fatalita and Blaster Blade deals 1 damage. Majesty Lord Blaster attacks and uses its skill to put Blaster Dark and Blaster Blade into soul to gain 10k power. And then because Blaster Dark and Blade is in soul Majesty Blaster gains a further 2k power and 1 crit. Aichi says that he no longer will reject the other him or Ren saying that Ren should also accept the good side of him. But Ren tells him to shut up and then guards with 2 5k and 1 10k. Aichi gives a heartfelt speech and draws a critical trigger to finish Ren off. A montage of flashbacks from the good times fill Ren’s vision and he takes his loss.

With this fight the Royal Paladin’s on Cray win the war and it seems that Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark have come to an understanding.

Ren leaves giving Kai a smile, Ultra rare departs as their work is done and Q4 claim their first tournament win.

Things go back to normal after the tournament and we end as Kai finally challenges Aichi to a proper duel.


Pretty much everything played out as expected, it was a nice pleasant typical, cliché, cheesy ending you’d expect from this kind of anime. As much as I like it this type of ending, especially for a tcg anime as I expect it to be like this, I was rather disappointed that there weren’t any twists to it at all, I dunno, I guess I was expecting more of a hitch. But oh well, Majesty Lord Blaster came out and won it, an interesting card, first card that requires cards from 2 clans to gain full potential I believe. Opens the ground for mixed decks, although I don’t think I’ll play a mixed deck, I don’t think I can make one work well, and it’s a little risky. Doesn’t mean I won’t ever try one though, I’m sure I’ll give it a go at some point.

I wonder where the over-dramatic for the heal trigger was. I was hoping he’d call on the power of Psyqualia, y’know the ‘be one with your other self’ sort of thing and work together to win, but no, just drew the card, that was it… Oh another thing was that I still wanted him to make good use of Psyqualia instead of not at all. And now it’s gone, quite a shame, hope it comes back somehow next season. How will Ren handle his next fights without Psyqualia I wonder, and what kind of person will he be next season?

Majesty Lord Blaster would explain why Aichi put Blaster Dark in then, not because of Psyqualia, but rather for Majesty although Psyqualia kicked in for him to call out Blaster Dark, but he’d have to anyway to use Majesty, how would he explain that if he called Blaster Dark without Psyqualia?

Anyone else thought the ending fight with Kai that you don’t see reminds you a lot of the Yuji vs Joey ending of that part of Yu Gi Oh?

Well then nothing about Ultra-rare was really explained, the things about that mysterious force attacking Cray doesn’t really explain why Ultra-rare’s here, it would make more sense if they were actually monsters from Cray disguising themselves as humans, but I don’t think they are. That main evil guy and the ‘mysterious force’ haven’t been properly explained, I think they’re related, and I look forward to a good explanation next season somewhere in the middle of some huge tournament, probably. Apart from the explanations being left out which I expected, the episode was a nice ending. Just waiting for next season now, which starts this week! So be on the lookout if you’re following this anime.