The end of a long struggle, the beginning of another


After a complete revision of the storyboard for the first chapter with Mashiro’s new way of interpreting the manga, it becomes much better. Hattori points out a few things they can improve on, such as the title of the manga, the main character’s name and him being too normal. Takagi will handle the names and Mashiro will redo the main character design.

Because of Mashiro thinking up character designs he’s unable to attend the New Year’s party, but because of that he’s able to come up with a design, which is also thanks to Kaya’s insane amount of phone straps.

The two new assistants are introduced later, one is Moriya who was a finalist in the Tezuka award and the other is Shiratori. Hattori guarantees their skill and leaves the rest to Mashiro.

After a drawing test Shiratori is the one to draw the backgrounds. Later, a heated debate about what manga is for starts between Shiratori, who believes it’s natural to want it to sell so you want popularity in mind, and Moriya, who believes manga is a fine art for self expression. Mashiro breaks up the debate and says that he wants to draw a manga that can be proud to be of cultural value, however, he doesn’t have that skill so they must draw it with popularity in mind.

From this debate of 2 opposite sides Takagi comes up character names that mean truth and morals as it’s the opposite of crime. He also comes up with the name ‘Perfect Crime Party’ (PCP) for the manga.

Hattori gives it the okay and tells them about Fukuda’s one shot as the only other thing to watch out for, which they didn’t know about. It’s a shounen on superbikes.

The issue comes out and there are mixed feelings on who the editors think will do better out of Fukuda’s one shot and PCP. The issue is released and a few days later final results are out.

Hattori comes knocking bringing great news. 1st place with a margin of 150 over 2nd place at 422 votes is PCP!

Road Racer, Fukuda’s one shot is second but Yujiro wants him to serialise that and end Kiyoshi.

Iwase decides to rewrite anything and everything possible so she won’t lose and Eiji is as up for it as she is.

Mashiro asks to borrow the rankings sheet and shows it to his uncle’s grave, but of course, the real battle starts now. The chief makes a bold statement and says that he’ll give them 6 months, if PCP isn’t level with +Natural and Crow, he won’t hesitate to cancel it there and then.


A rather slow ending in my opinion. Although I saw that coming from the slowdown in the last episodes. However it did end rather nicely, I liked how they gave a slideshow of all the characters at the end to give a quick reminder of everyone. But yeah, finished as expected, Perfect Crime Club got its good name PCP, it’s serialised and placed first. Almost forgot about that showing his uncle thing. I did think there was a bit too much time left out and then I remembered about the grave visit. It was a good place to end, to finish off this struggle for serialisation and to start the next struggle to stay in there.

It’s hard to give a thought on what will happen in the next season as it’s practically been the manga storyline so I can’t really give anything as I know what happens, so I won’t say anything but I do recommend everyone to watch it, it gets much better. I was going to compare this season’s tanto arc to endless eight, but I thought that’s being way too harsh, I mean sure it wasn’t interesting, but stuff happened and it was needed to advance Ashirogi Muto’s development in being a mangaka. But anyway, I know most people didn’t enjoy that arc, including me, however, again, I will say, next season will be so much better, you’ll know why when you get to the Nanamine arc for those who don’t read the manga, so watch it!

Anyway, from a non-manga reader point of view I think everything must’ve ended to expectations, PCP is indeed good, as described earlier, can’t remember which episode, that 10 or under will read it for the ‘coolness’, and those that are over 18 for the good plot. They’ll have to keep up those good ideas though.

I’m finding it difficult to comment on some of the new developments without giving spoilers like those 2 new assistants and Fukuda’s new manga… So I give up, it was a good episode, although a little slow, to wrap up the story to start their next arc. I’ll say it one last time, watch next season! And I’ll leave it at that.