This is probably one of the easier SOTWs I’ve had to do as I’ve been listening repeatedly to a song lately. It is Black Lagoon’s opening theme Red Fraction by Mell.

This might be a surprise, might not, but I’ve never watched Black Lagoon, and actually have no idea what it’s about, though I think I remember guns from the opening theme animation video so I probably won’t look into it.

I liked MELL’s ever since I heard her song Proof for Hayate the Combat Butler, the first ending theme, which when I look back now surprises me that she sang that. The second song involving MELL I remember was, Tenjou wo Kakeru Monotachi, Shakugan no Shana movie’s theme, the band is Love Planet Five which included MELL. The third and final song I know from MELL is Rideback’s opening theme which is called exactly that, Rideback. Out of these I enjoyed Rideback the most, maybe because I think those type of songs suit her more, but even so she still has an amazing voice range.

Anyway, the story is, I was at a friend’s house and we were ‘partying’ and this song came up, a playlist was prepared beforehand of which I had no previous knowledge. I recognised the singer immediately, that techno ‘robotic’ voice of MELL’s was quite easy to distinguish and I have to say I loved the song. Found out the song name the afternoon after that night, wasn’t gonna wake up in the morning was I. But yeah, I love the song.

There, that’s the story of how I know it, enjoy it? Oh and I know the song is in English, but for this rare time I’m actually enjoying the bad pronunciation, perhaps it’s because it’s completely in English and not just random words slotted in. I dunno, I also think it kinda fits her. But, it’s a good song and that’s all that matters.