Episode 11: Louise`s Choice

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Julio falls as he watches Vittorio get eaten by the Ancient Dragon. He is saved by Sylphid, Louise and Tiffania are shocked as well as the Romanian Army and they beat a hastily retreat. Saito wakes up in bed surrounded by Louise, Tiffania and Siesta; who tell him they went back to Gallia. Asking about the dragon, they tell him they are ok for now. Queen Charlotte and Henrietta are told by Julio that the Ancient Dragon has stopped moving. Osmond arrives and gives his condolences to Julio over his master. Henrietta asks Osmond about his research on the Ancient Dragon. Saito is told about what happened to the Pope. He takes it very lightly and is eager for revenge. He asks for food and Siesta heads off to get some soup. Saito turns to Louise but she leaves to help Siesta. Tiffania joins Louise outside the room and Louise tells her that Saito never mentioned about Deflinger once. She hoped that he would not fight and use his Liveslatille powers, which would take away his life force. Osmond explains his findings and concludes that Louise and Tiffania have a tough trial later; Julio wonders they should have waited for the fourth void user.

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Osmond agrees, however he also tells them that the ancient text highlighted that others could do something to help. Henrietta states that she would send her military to stop this Ancient Dragon and asks for the assistance of Gallia as well; Queen Charlotte agrees. Henrietta hopes to get the other Countries to help as well. Henrietta talks to Louise and tells her she would be leading the alliance army. She adds that they were born in Halkeginia and they would defend it, Louise also offers her ability to defend Halkeginia. However, she wonders about involving Saito as he wasn’t born in Halkeginia. Saito decides he wants to fight and goes to see Lukshana about the plane in her Oasis. He asks if they heard if they have another locked away, but they haven’t. Lukshana suggest he goes back to his world to get one and suggest that Louise uses her magic, the World door to get one. Louise overhears the conversation, enters the room and tells them that she would do it. Outside, Louise opens a portal to Saito’s world. She succeeds and Saito enters. Saito turns to bring Louise through, but she lets go of his hand and tells him goodbye and shuts the portal. Louise starts crying who is hugged by Siesta as Tiffania watches; realising that Louise really loved Saito.

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Louise and Tiffania go to the royal leaders and apologies for sending Saito back to his world, explaining that she didn’t want him involved in their affairs. Queen Charlotte approaches her and tells her that she probably would have done the same thing; Henrietta also agrees. Osmond tells them that he would take them to the Academy of Magic. En route followed by Lukshana, Ari and Siesta, Osmond explains that the Dragon seeks out the void magic as it increases its power, which is why it attacked Romalia to get the pope. Therefore, Louise or Tiffania would be next. Osmond is taking them to the academy as it is clear from any city or village and they could put up a strong defence, he adds that Prof. Colbert is evacuating the students from the academy. Louise and Tiffania arrive at the Academy and argues with Siesta that she, Lukshana and Ari should have gone back to the mansion and that everyone has been evacuated. However upon entering a room, Louise finds all the students planning a strategy. Kirche and Montmorency tell her that they want to protect the world they live in, with the Undine order telling her that they are filling in for Saito. Charlotte is also present; brought by Sylphid at max speed. Louise is shocked to find the four siblings are present, when Jeanette licks Louise. Turns out Charlotte hired them as they are mercenaries.

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Meanwhile, Saito tries to find a way back to Halkeginia and goes to the first place he was summoned. He bangs on the wall screaming for Louise. Some thugs appear behind and start teasing him. Saito gets angry and starts a fight. After, the thugs throw him on some rubbish after beating Saito up. Saito realises he cannot get to Halkeginia without help. Meanwhile, the Ancient dragon wakes up and starts to fly. It is followed by several other smaller dragons. The intercept fleet engages the dragon, but they are destroyed before they can fire. Louise waits at the academy for what is to come as the Ancient Dragon comes to claim its next void user.

This episode really got me angry. I can see Louise’s point of view, but the fact that Saito was determined to fight for them means that he has the right to stay. Louise was selfish in sending Saito back home as to me she didn’t really care about his feelings and beliefs. I know Louise did that because she loves him, but the fact of not hearing what he has to say is self-centred. Anyway, one more episode and that is that. It would be all over, I hope to give it a final overview on my opinion of this series and probably the whole anime. I hopefully post my preview this coming season, although there isn’t a lot of anime series that peak my interest, if anyone has some suggestions I would look into it.