Morishima Haruka: Story Arc

Episode 12: Morishima Haruka – Part 2: Departure

1,2,3,4 I declare a foot war

Junichi and Haruka continue their pretend game of husband and wife. Junichi had invited Haruka over to his house. After playing Junichi tells that they are going to have fun today. That evening, Haruka cooks dinner, with Junichi watching. His parents and Miya are away and won’t return until tomorrow evening; emphasising that he didn’t plan it and it was just a coincidence. Haruka then tells him that she would be staying overnight which shocks Junichi. He starts to have lewd thoughts when Haruka sets the dinner on the table. Meanwhile, Miya is at a hot spring with Ai and Sae. Miya thinks that Masayoshi has gone over to Junichi’s for a gentleman’s viewing; Masayoshi sneezes at home. Junichi is eating tangerines while Haruka is watching TV. Haruka starts playing footsie under the kotatsu with Junichi, after Junichi counterattacks and tickles Haruka, forcing her to eventually give up. Haruka goes to have a bath leaving Junichi in the room. Junichi ponders the idea from last time to go a peek, but ends up giving up and returning to eating. Haruka comes back wearing her mom’s negligee.

There is no such thing as a boogieman

Junichi is shocked and begs her to change. Haruka tells him that she wore it for him. Junichi realises and starts thinking again to look. He slowly turns around and finds that Haruka had changed into her pyjamas, making Junichi collapse on the table. After, Junichi has a bath and then both he and Haruka go to bed. Haruka tells Junichi that after she graduates, she would be going to England. At school, Junichi starts thinking that Haruka would be going to a university in England. Junichi thinks that time at the shed she was trying to have some good memories before she graduates. He gets up and heads to go to the senior classes, but Masayoshi stops him and tells him that the seniors have finished classes and won’t return until the graduation ceremony. Junichi then spots Hibiki walking passed. Junichi and Hibiki talk about Haruka going to England for university. Hibiki asks him if he is going to let Haruka go with asks her what is going on. Later, Junichi phones up Haruka, but Jessica answers after having returned from her sightseeing trip. Junichi wants to talk to Haruka, but Jessica tells him no.

Jessica - the best tune ever

Jessica tells him that she came to Japan to bring Haruka back to England, adding that she won’t be back for a while, perhaps never. Jessica then tells him to think carefully on what to say to her before she leaves after graduating. Jessica hangs up as Haruka asks who Jessica was talking too. Jessica giggles, turns to her and tells her that it would be interesting, leaving Haruka puzzled. Junichi walks home, wonder what he should do, when he stops in front of the marital shop. The day of the graduation and all of the school is present with Jessica in the audience. Maya then announces for the student representative to give a few words and is shocked to announce that it would be Junichi. Kaoru asks Tsukasa that she was the representative. Tsukasa tells her that Junichi has something to say no matter what. Junichi approaches the podium and starts to with his speech to address the school.

Happy days; happy memories

Junichi begins by congratulating the seniors and eventually starts talking directly to Haruka. Eventually he tells her that he wants to make more memories with her and shouts that he loves her and doesn’t want her to go to England. He then proposes to Haruka in front of the entire school. Haruka gets up off her seat and runs up to the stage and accepts Junichi’s proposal and kisses him to a tremendous cheer from the school. Jessica reveals that Haruka was just going to England for a week, but is pleased with the result. Next, Junichi and Haruka are married at a church with their closes friends present. Miya sets the camera for a group photo and joins them in the shot on Junichi’s and Haruka’s memorable day.

This was a nice ending to the story arc. It was more focus on how Junichi proposed to Haruka, as the first season show that they were married, but this arc details on how that happened. I found that Junichi’s proposal in front of an entire school is a bit embarrassing and over the top. It would seem Jessica sowed some false statements to Junichi in order to force him to propose to Haruka. I suppose it wasn’t a leap year then, Junichi wouldn’t have had to do an awkward speech. Well that is the last of the girls’ arcs and now the final episode is an incest one. Not really, it is the Miya arc and I don’t see how this story works really in the anime. Frankly I don’t see the point of this next episode, but I will blog it nevertheless.