Episode 12: The Familiar of Zero

Killer Queen

Osmond informs everyone that the Ancient Dragon is approaching a lot sooner than expected. Louise expects the Queen to arrive with the fleet, but Osmond adds that it has taken longer for them to install additional cannons. Malicorne spots the dragon with his magic closing in, which means the fleet won’t make it in time. Meanwhile, Saito in the real world returns home. He is about to ring the bell when he realises his contract with Louise is still active and decides that a person who cannot make a girl smile is not a man and he runs off. Back at the academy, everyone sets up a special pillar in each of the towers of the academy. The dragon attacks, but it is blocked by a magical barrier created by the special pillars. They hope that the barrier will last until the fleet arrives. Saito runs passed a newspaper stand and spots something in the newspaper which interests him. The smaller dragons attack the barrier when Malicorne announces the arrival of the fleet. The fleet approaches, including the Ostland, with Queen Henrietta in command of the fleet; she orders the cannons to prepare and fire. They hit the dragon which falls to the ground and stop moving. The dragon turns and attacks the fleet with a fire blast.

I can see you

However, the attack is blocked which surprises Henrietta. Suddenly, more ships arrive; it is the Elves. Lead by Lord Vidalshal; who used a fire stone to create a fire barrier to block the attack. The attacks by the dragons, causes a break in the barrier. The Ancient Dragon flies up and lands on top of one of the towers which cause it to break and shatter. The Dragon lands on the tower, almost crushing Doudou and Guiche, but they manage to escape. This allows the smaller dragons to attack and they decide to fall back. Louise realises that the Ancient Dragon is after her and Tiffania. She decides that she and Tiffania should get away and ask Irukukuu for help. Louise and Tiffania fly away on Sylphid, the Ancient Dragon spots them and pursues. Meanwhile, Saito arrives at a military base intending to commandeer a jet fighter. It is revealed that Saito intends to return to Halkeginia as there is a solar eclipse. Louise and Tiffania are attacked by the smaller dragons, but Tiffania gets them to back off with her mind wipe spell. They dodge an attack from the Ancient Dragon when Louise notices its skin barrier has been damaged from the earlier attack and proceed to use her explosion spell.

Cool plane

The students, the elemental siblings and the two elves fight together to repel the smaller dragons. Louise uses her explosion spell and scores a direct hit on the Ancient Dragon. Blinded by the attack for a moment, the Ancient Dragon isn’t fazed and attacks them. Sylphid dodges another attack from the Ancient Dragon, but unfortunately gets tail whipped by it and crashes to the ground. Meanwhile, the sun almost reaches full totality. Saito takes off in a jet fighter (F-2A Mitsubishi) and flies towards the eclipse. He remembers being told that he could return home by flying into an eclipse and thinks the reverse maybe possible. Louise wakes up and sees Tiffania and Sylphid out. She goes to help but is injured. She looks up to see the Dragon about to eat her and screams for Saito’s help. Saito appears from the sun and fires two missiles at the dragon. Saito flies passed as Louise is scooped up by Sylphid carrying Tiffania. Saito is happy to back when Derflinger appears on the display, which shocks Saito; surprised that he is alive. Deflinger tells him that he was asleep in his rune the whole time since the sword broke. Ready for action, Saito turns to engage the dragon.

Saito brings his in-flight entertainment

Saito fires another four missiles and destroys more of the dragon’s barrier, but it is not enough. Louise then appears through a portal in the cockpit and Saito pulls her in. After exchanging pleasantries, Saito offers his Liveslatille powers to the magic depleted Louise so she can use her explosion spell. Louise however screams that she doesn’t want to because she doesn’t want Saito to die. Saito takes her hand and tells her that he won’t die and leave the person he loves. He then states that he is Zero’s familiar and he kisses her. Louise feels Saito’s life force replenishing her magic. She agrees to do it and begins her casting. Henrietta and Vidalshal attack the Dragon once more with the cannons. Saito flies the plane at the dragon and ejects. The plane crashes into the dragon as Louise completes her casting and fires a supercharged explosion spell at the dragon. The Ancient dragon is turned to stone; it crumbles into pieces which fall to the ground. The soldiers cheer the destruction of the Ancient Dragon, whilst everyone else is concerned for Saito. Tiffania is flying overhead and spots Saito and Louise on the ground.

Husband & wife

Louise wakes up and tries to wake up an unresponsive Saito. Louise starts crying and begs Saito to come back and states that she would do anything. Saito wakes up and Louise cries even more. Derflinger tells him that he has used up his Liveslatille powers, but his live as a Gandalfr is not over. They are eventually joined by everyone else, who are relieved to find Saito alive. Saito then remembers that Louise would do anything. He tells her that he wanted to do this for long time and asks her to marry him; Louise smiles and accepts. Later at a church, Saito waits at the altar with Julio as his best man. Louise enters the church with her father escorting her down the main passageway (the aisles are the sides of the church, but who cares over the traditional saying). Watched by everyone, Louise arrives at the altar. Saito promises her to make her happy and she responds that he would otherwise she would punish him. Saito takes her hand and they both kiss.


Saito and Louise are married and leave the church by carriage. They return to the mansion and Louise opens up a World portal. Saito is surprised as Louise smiles. Saito then picks her up and carries her over the threshold into the portal and into Saito’s World; the Real World. Saito takes Louise around his home city, experiencing a train ride, window shopping and an ice-cream crêpe. Eventually, they arrive at Saito’s home. With a nod from Louise, Saito rings the door bell. Both wearing wedding rings, Saito is going to introduce his new wife, Louise.


What an ending and final episode to the series and the anime. Overall I found the ending was very nice and I was satisfied with it. However, there are a few things which I should bring up. When Saito ejected from the plane, realistically he wouldn’t have been able to carry Louise as she would be injured on exiting the plane and the force of the ejection would have made Saito lose his grip on her. Another thing was that Saito crashed the plane into the dragon when clearly he had the two fuel tanks which he could have dumped onto the dragon. Additionally, the plane still has a 20 mm JM61A1 cannon with full ammo, which could of be use for later purposes. In the end, Saito decide to crash a ¥12 billion plane, which I think looks a lot cooler than the US version F-16C Falcon. It seemed pretty easy for Saito to steal (borrow – sorry) the plane from a military base, perhaps the military personnel were on break. Anyway, I found the entire season too quick and to me seemed kind of rushed. There wasn’t any follow up from Louise’s sister Eleanor about her returning to take Louise away if Saito didn’t measure up to be a noble gentleman. I could go on and on, but the fact is the whole series was just rushed jumping from one scene to the next. Don’t expect to see another season as they have stated that this is the final season of the series. However, they didn’t say about spin-offs. There is the possibility that there could be a side-story involving Tabitha, but I don’t know, it is possible. Anyway, it was a great series and a wonderful ending, wish it was longer, but never mind.

Wedding Night OVA...?

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