Episode 1: Grip and Hold!

OP: “I.N.G.” by sweet ARMS, Sadohara Kaori, Nomizu Iori, Misato, Togashi Misuzu

ED: “Himekuri” by Sadohara Kaori

Magic plasters

Funko is busy sweeping up the classroom when Shigu comes up to her and brings Ichiroku and Eru with her. Funko thanks her and tells her that she wants Fujiko-sensei to her with the beach school leaflets. They start commenting on Fujiko-sensei is attractive; highlighting her stopping power. Ichiroku starts to complain about the others origins from European countries and in return Funko states that she is American and drags her off. The girls go to the garden and find Fujiko-sensei. Fujiko-sensei starts telling them an odd concept of planting vegetables. She tells them there was some sort of error and that they would be getting a new teacher. Funko wonders what they would be like. Later, Funko is at a festival and passes shooting gallery. Some children hit a prize but the man tells to hit the stand as well. Funko offers to help them and hits both the prize and the stand. However, the man still does not allow the win as Funko is from Seishou Academy and therefore a pro shot. A mysterious man appears behind them and asks for a go stating he is an amateur. The man’s stance is professional that it arouses Funko, until he fires and the cork rebounds and hits Funko in the face. He reloads continuously and still hits Funko repeatedly.

She missed...?

Funko comes away with only a key ring. The man stops her as he recognises the uniform. He explains to her that he is the new teacher and that he got lost. He queries about her being a pro shot. She tells them the students are guns and that she is called FNC and is from Belgium. The teacher doesn’t listen as he spies Funko’s underwear to be a thong. They arrive at school and Funko leaves, later she feels overcome about the teacher’s stance at the fair. The next of school, teacher meets the headmaster, who takes him to morning practice. The teacher is shock to find that morning practice is the girls doing target practice with guns. Funko arrives late and greets the new teacher. The teacher can’t remember her name, but remembers her to be the girl with the thong. This angers her so much that she loads her FNC and fires at the teacher on full-auto. After a cease fire is called, Funko has shot around the teacher but demolishes the building behind. Later, the headmaster announces to the class that the new teacher is out. Meanwhile, Faru; Funko’s older sister is laughed at by her friends as Funko had put the new teacher in hospital. Faru tells them that she would have to punish Funko.

Please don't shoot

Later, Funko tries to ask Ichiroku about her arousal but can’t and goes to the nurse’s office, who tells her it is natural and advises to keep it clean and maintained. Eru enters with stomach pains and the nurse examines her and finds that she has a weak spring making her jam again. The teacher gets some reading material about the academy, but still doesn’t understand fully. A week after the incident, the girls suggest that they visit the teacher in hospital, but Funko doesn’t want to go. Later, Shigu suggest that they make a DVD to introduce themselves since they don’t want to go. They introduce themselves, Shigu is from Switzerland and is a SIG SG-550; she is an honour student but a ditz. Ichiroku is from America and is an M-16A4; she only works in short surges as has only a three-round burst. Finally, Eru is from England and is a L85A1 and has a bigger chest area. The girls go to visit him at hospital, but Funko leaves. Whilst walking home, Funko spots the teacher outside having a cigarette. She calls to him and it brings terrible memories up for him but she tells him that she wouldn’t shoot him.

Never anger a girl with a gun

The teacher tells her that is bit of shock to find out about the girls and that he is feeling fine. He tells that it would be fine and pats her on the head, making her feel uneasy again. He walks away and tells her that it must be tough to be a middle schoolgirl as there lower parts would get cold. He tells her that all middle-school girls wear thongs. Funko gets angry and points her FNC, switches to full-auto and fires at the teacher again, destroying the railings in the process. The next day of school, the headmaster tells the class that the teacher would be out for even longer and that Funko would be suspended for three days. Funko accepts but cries that it wasn’t her fault.

The first of the new season of anime I am blogging. The reason I am doing this particular anime is because I am very knowledgeable over guns, therefore it seemed appropriate. At the moment it is particularly funny, but it still has to have me in stitches. The anime is going to be pretty short in terms of a season as I believe it has only 10 episodes. Anyway, I try and enjoy this anime as much as possible and hope that the series would get better soon; I can’t judge it by the first episode, so it would have to wait until after 3 or 4 episodes before I pass judgement.