Crush Helmet

A female biker weaves through traffic when she stops as a truck blocks her way. She goes head to head with the truck until they both collide in an explosion. The female biker had jump to safety and removes her helmet; it is Nina Williams. She turns to see the driver of the truck leap out of the wreckage; it is her sister Anna Williams. After exchanging pleasantries they both fight each other. Nina gets the upper hand by ripping Anna’s tights. Anna gains reinforcements and they surround Nina. Nina escapes by leaping over the bridge and swinging away by a grappling hook. The soldiers intend to pursue but are stop by Anna as it was a decoy and now waits for the Mishima Zaibatsu to make their move. Nina reports back to Jin Kazama who asks what is next. He adds that every research facility has been shut down and the date erased. Nina tells him that taking the bait revealed that the G- Corporation wants information as well and yet to get a specimen. Jin sends Nina to Russia and to use it. Nina is concern that Kazuya would find out, but Jin tells her to let him. Kazuya is looking at surveillance footage when Anna enters the room. She tells him that they found their target, hiding in Japan. She tells him that she would be flying to Kyoto to confirm. Kazuya aims to keep Jin from finding out. Anna tells him that she has the perfect candidate; Xiaoyu Ling.

Kung Po Panda

In Japan, Xiaoyu is late for school and is riding Panda as fast as she could. Xiaoyu makes it into school and Panda stops in bicycle shed. Xiaoyu rewards Panda with some bamboo, but Panda points Xiaoyu to someone behind her, Ganryuu. She tells him that she is not late, but Ganryuu has summoned her to the principal’s office. In the principal’s office, Xiaoyu finds that she has been expelled. Ganryuu tells her that she damage the gym that the repair would cost $300,000. Also Xiaoyu has been failing in every subject, therefore Ganryuu tells her that she would be expelled and transferred. He turns to the principal as Xiaoyu begs to the principal. Xiaoyu gets a knife thrown at her, she dodges it and the knife lands in the ceiling. It is Anna, who tells her that she be transferred to a school in Kyoto and to get close to a student; Shin Kamiya. Xiaoyu doesn’t care, but Anna forces her to change her mind. She adds that the best way to gain access to the school is to send in a student. Later, Xiaoyu attends her new school, Lee Chaolan as her teacher introduces her to the class and asks her to take a seat. However, every seat is available as the class is empty as the students are busy with upcoming festival.

The peep Show

Xiaoyu wonders on how to meet with her target Shin, when she bumps into another person, a pink haired girl. She apologises and carries on. Xiaoyu zeros in on Shin’s location but cannot find him. A shoe lands on her head, she looks up to find Shin falling towards her. Xiaoyu quickly runs to a nearby tree and rebounds off it and grabs Shin, saving him. Shin doesn’t seem thankful and leaves with his shoe, Xiaoyu finds a badge of his which must have fallen off Shin. She looks up and sees someone on the roof, the pink haired girl; Alisa Bosconovitch. She tells Xiaoyu that Shin tried to commit suicide before and that he landed on her when she was having lunch. Xiaoyu hints that she may have a crush on him, which Alisa gets embarrassed about. That night Xiaoyu sneaks into the boys’ dorm and to Shin’s room. Searching the room, she finds a photo of Shin and Jin, both attending Mishima Polytechnic; the same former school as her. She removes the photo from the frame and finds another photo of Shin, wearing a label 78M. Xiaoyu is startled by the fridge when she notices a trail of a bandage on the floor. Following it she finds Shin in the shower. Taking a peek, she is shocked to find Alisa behind her. Thinking fast, she grabs her and runs out the room. However, Shin had been monitoring them as a mystery man congratulates him for playing them against each other. Shin tells the man to never call him 78M.

Interesting Class

Xiaoyu and Alisa run into an alleyway and they both wonder what each other were doing in Shin’s room. Alisa confesses that she has a crush on him, but Xiaoyu feels awkward. Alisa threatens her with the police, forcing Xiaoyu to tell her that she likes him too. Later, Xiaoyu meets with Anna and reveals her reason of selecting her as a spy. Anna bangs on the pot and it transforms into a computer. Anna types into it and sends something to Xiaoyu’s phone. It is a news report that entire class disappeared and eventually the investigation closed. Xiaoyu figures that the only person survived was Shin and that Jin may make contact also. Anna is happy that she picked the right person for the job. The next day, Lee teaches to an empty classroom. Later, Xiaoyu goes to Shin’s class and finds Alisa asking Shin on a date. Shin uses Xiaoyu as an excuse to get away from Alisa, lying that Xiaoyu would escort him home and they leave together. Alisa ends up going the other way, whilst Shin and Xiaoyu hide around the corner. Shin explains to Xiaoyu that Alisa was pestering him on a date to go to the Mokujin Exhibition. Shin thanks her and is about to walk away when she offers his badge back. He goes take it, but she closes her hand telling him that it was her former school.

You eat this, right...?

On the roof Shin thinks it is coincidence that he’ll meet someone from Mishima Polytechnic, but soon changes when Xiaoyu shows him the news report. Xiaoyu tells him that it was his class that went missing. He tells her that he got sick that day and dropped out. Xiaoyu lets slip about the photo of Shin, but stops. Shin goes to leave, but stops to ask about Jin. Xiaoyu tells him that she hasn’t talked to Jin in years. Shin goes on that he hears rumours that Jin is into bad things; leading the Mishima Zaibatsu and has a bounty on his head. Shin talks to Xiaoyu for a bit and jumps off the roof, but to a ledge below just as Alisa enters onto the roof. Shin jumps to the stairs and leaves. Shin enters the building and announces to get started as his arm glows green under the bandages. Later, Xiaoyu and Alisa eat Dangos with Panda sitting next to them. Alisa feels that she is coming on too strong to get Shin to notice her. Xiaoyu understands what she is going through; telling that she lost a friend, but tells her that she is doing fine with Shin. Alisa then suggests that they settle things in a popularity contest at the school festival. The girls head to the school festival and Alisa hopes to enter and win, adding that if Shin wins they would be a couple.

Xiaoyu makes a quick exit

They girls watch the live broadcast of Shin’s entry video, when suddenly Shin is kidnapped on live broadcast. Xiaoyu realises it was real and runs off, with Alisa following. Xiaoyu arrives at the AV room and breaks in. However, she finds that the broadcast was a just a recording and that Shin has already being kidnapped. Alisa stops a computer voice starts talking, concluding that Shin was kidnapped by G-Corporation and receives orders to eliminate agent. Alisa then starts attack Xiaoyu, who is caught unprepared and Xiaoyu ends up being kicked out of the window. Alisa reports she succeeded and returns to base. However, Xiaoyu has survived, puzzle on who Alisa is. That night, Xiaoyu uses the kettle computer to search about Alisa and finds that she was imported and affiliated with Mishima Zaibatsu. Anna suddenly appears and holds Xiaoyu in a strangle hold. She tells that failed and now resorted to thievery. Anna tells her that she would find Shin herself, but orders Xiaoyu to destroy Alisa. Anna lets Xiaoyu go and comments that the first friend that she made when coming to the school is person who is now considered the enemy.

This could be a problem

The next day, Xiaoyu challenges Alisa to a fight. Alisa accepts, adding that they had their orders. Alisa goes into attack mode and starts fighting Xiaoyu. After a bit of fighting, Xiaoyu gets the upper hand on Alisa and kicks her in the head. Xiaoyu is shocked to see Alisa’s head come off and Xiaoyu catches it. Alisa’s head explodes sending Xiaoyu back, who is surprised that Alisa is a robot. Alisa activates battle mode and shows her destructive form; welding two chainsaws from her arms. Respawning a new head she attacks Xiaoyu again. Xiaoyu is told that Alisa knew she was lying as she isn’t human and that she can see her flaws, but Xiaoyu doesn’t believe that. The fight continues and they end up inside the building and Xiaoyu dodges Alisa’s attacks which cut up the interior. Xiaoyu runs onto the roof and Alisa pursues her. Alisa kicks Xiaoyu off the roof, Xiaoyu lands on the ground and pinned by Alisa’s saw. Alisa tries to get some information assuming that Shin was kidnapped by G-Corporation. Xiaoyu tries to reason with Alisa when Alisa detects a heat signature overhead. Suddenly, the building is destroyed in an explosion and a helicopter hovers above.


It is Anna with some soldiers who want information from Alisa. However, Alisa goes into self-defence mode and defends herself from the attacking soldiers, but is subdued. Xiaoyu gets up and attacks the soldiers, defending Alisa. Xiaoyu turns her back on Anna, stating that she never on her side. However, Xiaoyu is cornered and surrounded. Suddenly the soldiers are taken out by very fast moving dust cloud. The dust cloud gets to Xiaoyu and Alisa; it is Panda, who picks them up on to her back. Panda escapes and the soldiers open fire. Alisa is hit in the back, but activates her jetpack boost to aid their escape. Anna orders a pursuit to find them. That night the soldiers search the woods looking for them, but they walk right past them. Xiaoyu tells Alisa that G-Corporation never had her back; with Alisa tell her that they would hunt both of them now. They start talking about who is debt to who when someone runs past them; it is Lee. Lee invites them back to his place, which is a mansion with a vast amount of bedrooms and bathrooms. He gives them the premiere guest room, offering them to look through the closet, before leaving.

Just watching my back

Xiaoyu looks through the closet and is excited, but startled when she sees Alisa’s head detached; examining her back. Xiaoyu helps Alisa to remove the bullets from her back whilst they both realise that that neither G-Corporation or Mishima Zaibatsu are responsible for Shin’s kidnapping, now they wonder who it is. Xiaoyu wonders why everyone is after Shin; Alisa tells her the same thing, that she wasn’t told. Xiaoyu asks if Jin gives her orders, Alisa tells Xiaoyu that her orders come from Nina; who works for Jin. Meanwhile, Nina reports to Jin that Alisa has gone rogue and now is conducting her own investigation. Fearing that G-Corporation would lock on to Alisa’s signal, they terminate her uplink. Meanwhile, Alisa and Xiaoyu go back to Mishima Polytechnic School in the hopes to find some information as Alisa tells her that she has lost her link to the network. Inside they discover a hidden research facility underground. Searching around, Xiaoyu finds the room in the photo of Shin. The room is like a hospital, with Alisa analysing it as a place that conducts genetic engineering. Alisa tries to hack into the computer, but finds all the information has been erased.

Grumpy Girl

Xiaoyu tells her it is not the all bad and starts thinking about the use of 78M. She finds it in the medical records and locates a group photo of Shin, but cannot make out what was written on the chalkboard. Alisa scans the photo and finds Mutare experiment was written on the chalkboard. Alisa checks her database and finds the meaning of Mutare means to change and that the term is which mutant was derived from. Xiaoyu finds that the experiments involved M-cells and that the only survivor of the students was Shin and that he is immortal because of the M-cells, which is the reason that everyone was pursuing him. Xiaoyu reads on and finds that the document is signed by Heihachi Mishima, making her conclude that Shin is with him. Xiaoyu leaves in hurry forgetting her shoes as Alisa goes after her. Xiaoyu tells Alisa about Heihachi, who died three years ago; killed by Kazuya. Alisa can’t link them, but Xiaoyu informs her that Heihachi was Kazuya’s father and Jin’s grandfather. She adds that the three generations hate each other and whenever Kazuya and Jin meet, Heihachi shows up. Back at the mansion, Xiaoyu is in the shower after reading a message from Lei Wulong that Heihachi didn’t die in an explosion, which leaves Xiaoyu puzzled.

Man Utd lose again, yay!!!

Xiaoyu comes out the bathroom to find Panda and Alisa watching TV. Xiaoyu walks away and finds Alisa in front of her. Alisa shows Xiaoyu a super hero move, but Xiaoyu thinks it’s cartoonish until Panda copies Alisa. Alisa believes that they can stop the war and that she can rescue Shin because of her feelings for him. Alisa notices Xiaoyu starting to smile now, as Xiaoyu was quiet since they came back. Meanwhile, a convoy of vehicles drive through a village and stop. A bunch of soldiers and Anna exit the cars as Anna has found Xiaoyu and Alisa; evident by the only light on in the mansion. Xiaoyu tells Alisa that she sad because she is concerned over how much blood will be shed; Mishima blood. She goes on to think that Heihachi had kidnapped Shin. Alisa understands that now the three generations are going to fight over Shin. Alisa thinks that Jin disowned his father, but Xiaoyu shouts at her that it is more complicated, forcing to Alisa to jump back. Alisa apologises for her mistake, but Xiaoyu; plugging Alisa back on charge, apologises for her outburst. Alisa fears that her search for her father; professor who built her, would be like the Mishima hostility.

She is not like the energizer bunny, but she could be a bunny girl

Xiaoyu tells her that her search is because her father programmed her like that as he probably misses her. Xiaoyu adds that the Mishima family is now not even human anymore. Xiaoyu falls asleep on Alisa. Alisa carries her to bed and Lee turns the lights off and wishes them goodnight. Meanwhile, Nina is in a helicopter when she gets a report that G-Corp is one step ahead of them. Nina decides to reactivate Alisa’s network to give her a fighting chance. Alisa establishes her link, waking up Xiaoyu. Searching the database, Alisa finds the location where they maybe holding Shin; the Mokujin Exhibit. Anna and her team sneak into the mansion and burst into Xiaoyu and Alisa’s room. Anna orders the soldiers to shoot the girls in bed. After a burst of gunfire, Anna removes the sheet to find two pillows. Anna is shocked that they escaped, when a spotlight shines through the window. The windows smash and several mecha droids enter through the windows. Nina ropes down and exchanges pleasantries with her sister. Xiaoyu and Alisa escaped by Alisa’s jetpack. Alisa lists that finding Shin is their top priority. Xiaoyu and Alisa burst into the building and find Shin sitting on the floor, surrounded by guards. Xiaoyu and Alisa leap to Shin and the guards jump back.

Hi, I forgot my umbrella

They ask Shin if he is all right. However, he congratulates the two of them for luring them to the bait. He removes his bandage and shows them the M-cell; the immortal cell. Jin bursts through the wall behind Alisa. Shin deduces that Jin wants to examine him and control the M-cell, but adds that he can’t. Jin wants to rid himself of the devil inside him, but Shin tells him it is fate of the Mishima family. Suddenly, Kazuya burst through the wall on the opposite side. After a bit of words, Heihachi reveals himself. Shin shows Heihachi his mark, which Heihachi recognises Shin as 78M; which Shins despises. Shin gets angry and rips open his shirt to reveal the extent of the M-cell throughout his body. Shin planned it so that he could bring them all together. Shin attacks Heihachi, but Heihachi stops him by breaking his back and throws him. Xiaoyu and Alisa run to Shin, Shin thanks the two girls as the M-cell markings fade away. Shin tells them that he can die happy as a human. Shin’s last words are that it is up Jin now and he dies in Alisa’s arms. Xiaoyu screams to Jin why Shin had to die. Jin decides that he would end this and walks towards Heihachi; engulfed in a blue flame.

Go Go Mishima! No that ain't right...

Xiaoyu runs to stop him and asks why do they have to fight, but Jin tells her that he is a monster and that he would end it with his bloodline. Heihachi adds that the Mishimas live to fight. The Mishima men run at each other and throw a punch. The resulting shockwave sends Xiaoyu flying out the room, over the edge and she falls. Luckily Alisa flies down and catches her. Jin, Kazuya and Heihachi fight each other. Kazuya grabs Jin and throws him towards Heihachi. Heihachi repeatedly punches Jin into the floor as Kazuya leaps over them and stamps through Heihachi and Jin through several floors. The three continue to fight each other until Jin attack Kazuya through a wall and they fight as they fall. Kazuya grabs a ledge as Jin lands below, they are then joined by Heihachi and they recommence their fight. After a bit of more fighting, Heihachi grabs Jin and body slams him through Kazuya and several more floors. Heihachi ends up focusing on punching Kazuya and Jin attacks, but Heihachi blocks him. Heihachi goes after Jin but he dodges it and he attacks Heihachi. Jin delivers super fast punches to Heihachi before giving him a super punch which sends him through the wall, the outer stone wall and he falls into the ravine.

Hope I paid for the insurance

Meanwhile Alisa flies down and drops Xiaoyu to the ground and they continue on foot. Jin burst through the stone wall from an attack by Kazuya. Kazuya walks through the hole in the wall and transforms into Devil Kazuya. Jin is unable to attack Devil Kazuya, who taunts him to use his powers. Alisa runs up to help blocks Devil Kazuya’s way. Jin commands Alisa to shutdown and enter standby mode. Alisa stops and falls to the ground, Kazuya then steps on Alisa, breaking her in two. Alisa’s body then falls down the stairs into Xiaoyu’s arms. Jin transforms into Devil Jin and the two Devils fight each other in the air. The attacks bring part of the building down, forcing Xiaoyu to run carrying Alisa’s body. Kazuya throws Jin into the building and Jin brings the building down with his attack. Kazuya mocks him that he is weak and that he can’t control the devil’s power. However, as the dust settles Jin transforms and shows Kazuya that he didn’t need the M-cell and that Jin can control the devil gene. Kazuya attacks Jin, but Jin dodges every punch. Kazuya flies up but Jin attacks at him from above and repeatedly punches him on the way down. Jin delivers a final blow and Kazuya falls to ground and into the water below, defeated.


Meanwhile back at the mansion, the William sisters had reached a stalemate in their fight. However, Nina passes out as Anna is joined by a lone soldier, who is about to dispose of Nina. Anna stops him in favour to capture Nina and humiliate her. Just then, Lee appears and Anna asks who he is. He tells her that the mansion was once his home until they destroyed it, Anna apologises for the mess. Lee then asks why she saved Nina, which Anna replies that ending the fun would make her a bore. Lee responds with “excellent” with a thumb up. Xiaoyu cries over Alisa trying to wake her up as she is joined by Devil Jin. Jin tells her that he would expect to be challenged again, including Xiaoyu. Suddenly, Heihachi accepts the challenge and he opens up a tomb and unleashes a tremendous power. The power forms Mokujin from the debris and they combine to make a huge giant, with Heihachi inside controlling it. Jin attacks but is tossed aside. Xiaoyu tries to run away but falls. Heihachi tries to stand on them but it stopped. It is Panda who is holding up the foot as the voice of the Mokujin tell Heihachi that they learned from humans about the bond they share, as part of the combined Mokujin break away from the leg of the giant.

Go Rocket Fist!!!

Heihachi commands the Mokujin spirit to obey and reforms the leg. Panda rolls away carrying Xiaoyu and Alisa. Jin and Heihachi continue fighting. Xiaoyu gets upset over them fighting and wishes that humans should disappear; she then starts crying and her tears fall on Alisa. This sparks something in Alisa and she wakes up. Alisa crawls on her hands to Xiaoyu what she learned from Panda. Alisa aims her arm at giant Heihachi and fires; calling it “Skyrocket super punch”, she turns and fires the other arm. The two forearms head towards giant Heihachi, they go inside and hit the normal Heihachi. Stunned, Jin uses this unleash a powerful beam attack and splits giant Heihachi in two and it falls to the ground. After, the sunrises as Xiaoyu cradles Alisa’s body. Jin joins her and tells her that this is what the Mokujin spirits spoke of. Jin tells her that only humans can stop their own destruction. He reactivates Alisa and she wakes up. Jin then flies up telling Xiaoyu that he expects that one day Xiaoyu would come to defeat him and that he would be waiting. Jin flies away over the burning remains of the Mokujin giant.


Good Friends

Xiaoyu and a fully-recovered Alisa are sitting on a bench in the plaza. Xiaoyu tells Alisa that her dream is to build a global theme park, which she hopes would bring world peace. Alisa turns to Xiaoyu and tells her to leave it to her. She goes on that she stored battle data on Heihachi, Jin and Kazuya. If she analyses the battle data she can find a weakness in the devil gene. Xiaoyu thinks for a moment and decides that they both enter the Tekken tournament, since they are friends. Alisa is surprise that Xiaoyu thinks her as a friend, she then becomes happy and agrees that they are friends. Panda lets a long roar out which makes both Xiaoyu and Alisa laugh.

It is my first movie blog and of course a CGI anime (Listed on AniDB, so it is an anime). I have this film by purchasing the 3DS game Tekken Prime Edition 3D which bundles the film with it utilising the 3D on the 3DS. I don’t have that many games of Tekken; two actually, this one and the other being Dark Resurrection on the PSP, but I may be tempted to get Tekken 6. I would love to play the others on other formats, but unfortunately I don’t have the use of a PS3/Xbox 360 console to properly play. Without any background knowledge of the characters profiles, the film can be difficult to understand. A little research can help to understand the plot here, but if a non-fan watches the film, they would rate the plot poorly and would only get excited over the fantastic fighting sequences in 3D. The main characters in the film are a small portion of the playable characters in the game, with the new additional character Alisa. Alisa’s destructive form; her chainsaws, is a cool and deadly move, but the exploding head is a bit questionable, however funny though. Throughout the film, Nina was my favourite character (Although I like Panda, for her antics in the background). I was a bit disappointed that she ended up being captured by Anna in the end, seems that those mecha droids were useless. The other characters were not featured as I would have liked to see Asuka Kazama, Jack-5 and both Roger and Roger Jr. There are many others but those are probably the main ones. Lee was a bit of an odd ball as who would teach an empty classroom and who would seem chirpy when your home is destroyed by a sister brawl. Overall, it is a film mainly for fans of the series, but if you like CGI anime, then this you may like along with the Final Fantasy films (I have yet to see Advent Children).

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