Tachibana Miya: Story Arc

Episode 13: Tachibana Miya: Hot Spring

He's a dribbler

Junichi is at home bored during a December Sunday. Miya is going out to brand new hot spring. She adds that they are allowing in females, free of charge and yet guys aren’t allowed. She tells him that Ai and Sae are going as well. Junichi start to have lewd thoughts of them, as Miya tells him that she also going. He looks at her and feels nothing, prompting Miya to hit him. Later, Ai and Sae are waiting at the Hot Spring when Miya arrives late. She apologises blaming Junichi for being a pervert. Miya goes on about their breasts. Ai suggests that they head inside as Sae feels embarrassed. Meanwhile Haruka, Jessica and Hibiki also come to the Hot Springs; taking a break from studying. The girls get change and don a towel. Miya can’t help but be envious of Ai and Sae. Miya goes and molests Sae, when they hear a scream. They go over to see it is Rihoko standing on the scales. They ask if it was her screaming. Rihoko apologises, as she tries to block Miya’s view of the scale’s results. Kanae meets with Rihoko, but is puzzled by her pose in front of Miya. Eventually, the three girls head off to the baths, much to the relief of Rihoko.

Kaoru discovers where I was hiding...

Meanwhile, Tsukasa enter a Full-Breast Bath and finds Kaoru already in. Tsukasa decides to leave but Kaoru tells her that she already here for the very same reason she is. Tsukasa changes hers her mind and joins Kaoru; they both agree that if another person saw them, who is bigger than them, they would die of embarrassment. Meanwhile, Miya continues to torture Sae for her big breasts. Elsewhere, Haruka is having back washed by Hibiki and Hibiki is having her back washed by Jessica. Back in the Full-Breast Bath, both Tsukasa and Kaoru have turned bright red from the heat of the water. They make an excuse that they are ok to stay in the water. They are joined by Haruka, Hibiki and Jessica; who much bigger than them. Also Ai and Miya join them, much to their relief but as Sae joins them, their hopes are dashed. Tsukasa tells Haruka that there is a cute bath they can visit. Haruka is excited and takes Jessica and Hibiki with her. Hibiki senses what Tsukasa is up to and takes Sae with her. The four are then relieved as Kaoru shows her disgust towards bigger breasts. Miya then wonders where Rihoko went.

I think they are ready

Rihoko and Kanae are in a doctor fish bath; having their feet and legs nibbled at by fish, which tickles them. Kanae tells Rihoko to bare it as the fish are taking away the unneeded parts. With this, Rihoko jumps in fully. Getting tickled she makes funny noises. Elsewhere, Keiko meets Risa. Ai and Miya leave the baths, feeling a bit hot; they allow their bodies to cool whilst searching for their particular bath. Kaoru and Tsukasa stay in the bath, stating that the extra effort would be worth it and they laugh. Ai and Miya go to their separate ways for their particular bath. Keiko is told by Risa that she liked someone, whilst Keiko tells her that her confession went horribly wrong. Meanwhile, Junichi and Masayoshi have a “gentleman” viewing party. Haruka, Hibiki, Jessica and Sae eventually find the cute bath; A Milk Bath. Miya wanders around and comes across a sauna. Inside she finds Maya, sweating buckets. After a few minutes, Miya can’t take the heat and leaves, Maya stays; determined to make herself youthful. Tsukasa and Kaoru eventually are out of the bath; feeling dizzy after staying too long.

That sauna really works

They are having a foot massage, along with Rihoko, Kanae and Ai. Rihoko tells them that her stomach hurts after laughing so hard. Rihoko also tells them that Junichi doesn’t like hot baths and is in and out quick, which Kaoru complains before having her foot cricked. Rihoko explains that they children then and very close friends; Junichi sneezes. Miya finds what bath she is looking for, later she drinks some milk as a very young Maya runs passed; pining for milk. Miya is shocked that the sauna work as the real Maya walks behind her. That night, Miya comes home and gives Junichi some bath salts from the spa and urges him to try it. Junichi goes and tries it, after he comes back. Miya is shocked as she drops the leaflet; detailing they are abstinence bath salts. Junichi is glowing and feeling refreshed. He feels like a changed man and sheds away his old self. He decides to get rid of his gentleman collection which includes Masayoshi’s as well and goes upstairs. Miya goes after him desperately wanting her old brother back.

Well this episode is different than what I thought it was going to be. It was good to see all the girls back for the last episode and a bit of fan service. I thought that this season would contain the episode involving Risa; the one who was responsible for dumping Junichi from the first season. Overall, this season was over too quick and it did seem a bit rushed in some arcs, but others just had the right length story to conclude, hopefully. The only arc was completely disappointed with was Rihoko’s arc as it took an entire first season and second season for her to confess, whilst everyone else confessed in the first season and went on to have children with Junichi, one with Tsukasa in the first season and with Sae two, in this season. Overall, it was an ok season, not brilliant. Just hope that they don’t make a third season, because that would be totally ridiculous and stupid, unless they do a future season, which is highly unlikely.