Episode 2: Go for It! Pass It!


The girls are having a picnic; with the food in ammo boxes. Shigu is target practicing whilst the others are settling down on the blanket. The girls explain that they are effective about 400-500 metres whilst Shigu is better at 700 metres. She explains that she is from Switzerland and that it is full of mountains, which means that it is essential to aim over long distances. The girls go on about they are being the same calibre, but Shigu uses a special type than them; adding that her accuracy would drop on their standard NATO round. Later, the girls get their results of their midterms. Eru is near the bottom, followed by Ichiroku and then Funko, with Shigu further up the table, ranking third. They realise they’ll have to take make-up lessons, to improve their scores. They then run into Ichiyon and Faru; Ichiroku’s and Funko’s sisters; respectively. They tell them that would have to take the extra lessons until their scores are all 100. They offer a challenge and if they beat them, they would be exempted from the extra lessons.

The school must have tough education

Later, Genkoku goes to the classroom and finds the three girls playing with their guns. He gets mad and shouts at them, throwing the ammo. During the lesson, Funko remembers what her sister told her. The game will take place after school; starting when the bell chimes at four. Ichiroku leans over and whispers to Funko that it is her fault for Genkoku hating guns. Funko shouts prompting Genkoku to throw chalk at them for talking during the lesson. After school, the girls plan their assault as Shigu pack her bag, the girls head off leaving Shigu in the classroom. The girls have balloons attached above them; the aim of the game is for them to take their high schoolers’ flag or pop their balloons. They will lose if their own balloon is popped. The girls head out of their school and outside. They find that they need to cross an open area to reach the high school. They decide to go around through the trees. Ichiroku warns them about snagging and popping their balloon on a tree branch. However, as soon as she finished, Eru has snagged and popped her balloon on a tree branch. They then get shot at, with Ichiroku unable to located the where the shot originated.

Wonder what party she is going to?

Suddenly, Eru shoves a branch in front of Ichiroku. Ichiroku then realises that they were attack from behind and Eru was helping them. Ichiroku tells Funko to head to the high school when she hears her three-round burst. Ichiroku moves in closer so that her burst fire would be effective. An explanation is given between the different rounds, 7.62mm (High school), 5.56mm (Middle school) and 9mm (Elementary). Funko reaches the tree line and hears Ichiroku’s burst fire, she then moves in. Funko reaches the building and reaches for the door handle. Faru is behind the door, ready to ambush. Funko doesn’t open it and lets it go. Faru fires at the door and Funko moves around to the other side. Funko is unaware that Jiisuri is above her. Jiisuri is about to shoot Funko when she is attacked, forcing her to take cover. The elder sisters then realise that Shigu has joined the battle, sniping from the middle school. Ichiyon aims at Shigu, but sees her already aiming at her and flees just as Shigu fires. Shigu calls for Ichiroku, who now moves in and fires at the old middle school building pinning Ichiyon down. Ichiyon switches to full-auto and fires blindly, with a stray shot hitting Eru through her skirt making her collapse onto the floor.

Excuse me, got a bone to pick with a teacher

Jiisuri searches for Shigu and finds her in an open window and fires. However, she shot at a target that Shigu was holding up. Shigu heads down a floor and takes a position in one of the rooms. Meanwhile, Funko enters the high school building and heads to the classroom where the flag is only to find a group of boys changing. Faru forgot to mention that the clubhouse was being fixed and that the soccer team was using their classroom. Faru reveals that she is actually the flag. Ichiyon keeps firing at Ichiroku, plans to make her use up her bullets, but Ichiyon reveals to her that she is taking shelter by a tree full of Chestnuts. Ichiyon fires into the tree and chestnuts fall out towards Ichiroku. Ichiroku gets sick of Ichiyon’s puns and hits a chestnut at Ichiyon and bursts her balloon, before her balloon is popped by the remaining falling chestnuts. Faru tells Jiisuri to keep Shigu busy since Ichiyon is out; Jiisuri agrees. Faru and Funko meet next to a water fountain. Funko thinks she they are on even ground. However, Faru moves behind the water and fires a shot which is unaffected by the rushing water. Funko fires a burst through the water and the shots go everywhere.

Squeeze the trigger, don't follow through...

Funko realises that she at a disadvantage, but doesn’t want to lose to Faru. Faru move closer, when Funko pops her gun through the water and shoots. She almost hits Faru; Faru grabs her barrel and drags her out. Faru then shoots Funko’s balloon, making her lose. However, Faru congratulates her little sister as she kept on moving forward. Ichiyon, Ichiroku and Eru sit together and roast the chestnuts. Jiisuri and Shigu end in a stalemate; pleased that they had a good match. Later, Funko finds out that the game was actually a test to see how good they are. In the end they didn’t need to take the extra classes, except Eru. Shigu wonders how Jiisuri was keeping good accuracy on full-auto. Faru asks Jiisuri how her fight with Shigu went. Jiisuri tells her that she was good that she had to use her secret technique to keep recoil down. Ichiyon begs her to show her; with Jiisuri telling her she needs a bipod. Jiisuri shows her the technique; Ichiyon fires her gun which scores a bullseye of several bullets. However Ichiyon finds it embarrassing.

CTF!!! CTF!!! CTF!!! This was a fantastic episode with the girls pitted against their older sisters. They did have a disadvantage though as the high schoolers had superior firepower than they did. Funko was smart to sneak through the water, although if her aim was a little better she could have got Faru. Seems that Genkoku is a gun hater thanks to Funko, thank god he had a small appearance this episode. I also wonder if Eru is going to be any use as she is a L85A1 which technically doesn’t work very well and suffered faults in reality, moving to the development of the L85A2. Back to the episode, I was a bit puzzled by the 12.7mm round, until at little research I found out it was a .50 BMG round which I recognise, but who in the school uses that round… I was happy that the girls decided to play a CTF game, but it was a little cheeky having a mobile flag; I never came across that in FPS games. Overall, I can’t wait until the next episode.

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