Key Points:

Reintroduction of this card game crazy world and how to play vanguard.

Continuation of story of the mysterious force on cray. It’s taken away the leaders of Royal Paladin, Shadow Paladin and Kagero so these clans lose the will to fight.

Introduced a white/pale blue haired kid who ‘gives’ Aichi his new Gold Paladin deck.

No one remembers Aichi ever using Royal Paladins.

Short preview of the next tournament, the Vanguard Fight Circuit.


From what I can gather, this pale haired guy who I thought was the big bad guy doesn’t look like it now. If anything, he seems like a protector of sorts to Cray. Didn’t give much of an impression last season, apart from a short cameo where he was half hiding. Which made me assume that he was evil, but perhaps not? It’s too early to judge so I won’t speak more on this topic.

Apart from the introduction of the kid, we were reintroduced to this world and Vanguard. The reintroduction to this world was the same as the first season, made me wonder if there was any point seeing as this episode aired only a week after the first season.

Reintroduction of Vanguard rules and play progression was also the same apart from Aichi teaching this time. It was nice to see that. Shows how far he’s come in a short space of time.

That mysterious force was explained again with continuation as Royal Paladin, Shadow Paladin and Kagero leaders were taken. That seemed a bit too abrupt, like a ‘cheap’ thing to do so they can introduce the new clans and have the main characters switch clans.

Storyline wise I don’t like it, unless they give a very good explanation for everything later. But I’m more interested in the card game so I’m not that bothered, for now. But I am still looking forward to finding out more about Gold Paladins and Narukami.


You’ll notice that my usual summary of the episode has changed dramatically. This is response to a lot of feedback from this tourney that I write more summary than thoughts. I agree it’s true in a few circumstances and untrue in others. But I have realised that the summaries are quite long. So I’m trying out this way of getting the main points of the episode across to refresh your memory as most of you have watched the episode and just wanna hear some opinions.

So, if you’ve got some time to spare and are reading this I’d love some feedback, constructive criticism is always welcome.

It’s a shame we lost in the first round, but no matter. I’ve read through all, if not, most of feedback directed towards this blog and me. I take them all to heart and do my best as always. Hope we’ll do better next time.