Unfortunately for Rea the ‘potion’ she drank didn’t kill her.

Rea’s father finds out about Chihiro so he decides to have his manhood cut off.

Chihiro’s happy with Babu being alive again but the cat seems a little off.

Rea sneaks out of the mansion to try and find Chihiro.

Babu runs away and Chihiro chases him to the cliff where Rea obtained those poisonous leaves for the potion.

Rea appears again on the cliff. Her father follows and she refuses to go with him. Babu goes to help and when her father attacks she jumps in the way but slips and falls to her death.

With her bloody insides falling out she tells Chihiro to keep his promise.


Well, that blew reality out of the water. I honestly didn’t expect them to turn her into an actual zombie as I thought there’d be too many ‘consequences’ to deal with. Like for one thing, will she be as crazy as Babu is at the moment? I’m also assuming she won’t be a typical zombie that wants brainz. What will her father do now? I doubt he can accept a zombie, she’ll probably say nothing and pretend to be ‘dead’, that’s what she always wanted, freedom. Knowing how animes go she’ll likely stay with Chihiro. Wonder if she’ll still go to school. Probably will and make all the other boys jealous of Chihiro, that’s how it usually goes.

Wonder if she’ll start eating those leaves like Babu. Which reminds me, Chihiro’s granddad was constantly eating those leaves, could he be dead? Wouldn’t surprise me, he could easily be a zombie.

Will she ‘live’ forever then? Seeing as it’s a romance I’m assuming Chihiro and Rea will be a couple, which will give a lot of questions. The way I see it she’ll want to be put to rest at the very end of the story having had enough ‘fun’ and freedom, maybe.

I quite like how this is playing out, it’s definitely not your average romance story. And now that Rea’s father killed her, he’ll be taken out of the picture, for a while at least. Her mum’s an interesting person, she watched Rea sneak out and didn’t do anything. Perhaps she wants Rea to have her freedom but can’t really argue with her husband? Although she seems to have good control of the household.

Gotta keep Rea’s insides from falling out though, could ruin a conversation. Hey how are *splat* woops *picks up insides* hate it when that happens. Yeah… exactly… Gonna be some complications now. I wonder what Chihiro’s family’s gonna say about Rea, being ‘holy’ people. Though I suppose if Chihiro doesn’t say anything they’ll never find out, until her insides fall out accidently…

Will she ever grow? I mean the only thing that stays the same about her is that her memories are still there and I’m assuming she’s not a zombie who’s lost her mind. She’s never going to lead a normal life now, I’m also assuming she won’t need to eat or sleep because for one thing her insides are falling out, nowhere for the food to go if she does eat. So many complications… Well I think she’ll lead as normal life as she can and face any problems as they come.

I was pleasantly surprised of this development. I love the uniqueness of this series of not following a lot of typical ideas. Reminds me of Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? and I like that series too. Who doesn’t like something original? Three episodes down and I’m as interested, if anything, more interested than I was at episode one, this is a good start. I’m hoping it’ll be able to continue strongly and keep my interest.

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