Episode 1: Orpheus Order

OP: “Now or Never” by Nano

ED:Super Step” by Ammoflight


The gangs back and much carefree as they have a BBQ inside a Kenja Puzzle which annoys Nonoha resulting in her setting off a trap; Kaito spots a mysterious man whilst getting airtime. Kaidou Baron is caring for Jin, trying to get his mind back.

Forgot the marshmellows

Entry into Root Academy is blocked, except for Kaito; bridge is destroyed. Kaito finds a new building which turns out to be a hall of mirrors puzzle, set by the mysterious man from earlier. As always, Kaito solves it and escapes before the building collapses and kills him; saved by Cubic from falling.


Meanwhile, Chieno Tamaki meets a queer-looking guy. Mysterious man is called Freecell and is part of an organization called the Orpheus Order. Goal is to drive Kaito’s friends from him and starts by using Chieno; who challenges him to a puzzle.


The gangs all back with Kaito, who is determined to rid of all Kenja puzzles. He seems a lot closer to the guys than he was before in the first season. A new sad bunch is appeared because Kaito rejected the Orpheus armband and now want his guts. Sad that the BBQ got wreck by Little Miss Fussy; next time leave the dog at home (my bad–sorry). Anyway, seems that this new gang is focusing on the secondary characters first; the one that got little screen time and now brought them into the spotlight. It would just be a matter of time before they start picking on the main cast. Chieno is the first victim, who seems to have feelings for Souji, but a deceitful character, plants thoughts into her mind that give the impression of a “Brokeback Mountain” moment between Kaito and Souji. Can’t she see that Kaito is not leaning that way; the way it is, it looks like he is married to Nonoha; like a hen-pecked husband, who gets beaten up, which she shares with Gyamon. Looks as though Gyamon dropped POG and is now back with the group. I like this guy has a real knack for pissing off Kaito and Nonoha in situations; he is like the comic relief.  Also, I wonder if anyone has the same problem that you see Ana and you keep telling yourself, she is a guy (trap). Finally, I need a bit more time over the new OPs and EDs, yet they sound good, a little better than the first seasons. So anyway, let’s see how long this anime is going to be this time.


Yes I have changed my format, no more episodic blogs. Just a small synopsis above and a review, which now will be readable for the peeps that like to lick the monitor. At the moment, I have to contend with a stupid word processor that flashes up grammar and spelling mistakes left right and centre. It basically does not like Japanese names and regards them as a word with a capital letter. So from now on, I am ignoring it. 80% of the feedback from the tourney was useful, but 19% was not.The 19% comes from this guy, who simply judged us by looking at the first two authors, (Lucretia & Raeven) and decide that from Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragonball Z and Fairy Tail, we had tastes in anime equal to human excrement. Now if he had the intelligence to read instead of licking the monitor, he would see that this was ONE persons favourite animes, but not the full lot that we watch. Personally, I don’t watch Yu-Gi-Oh and have yet to see Fairy Tail, but don’t judge us on one person’s taste. I didn’t look at the building at 10236 Charing Cross Road, Los Angeles, California, Holmby Hills and say it looks like human poop on the outside, without looking in. No, this idiot goes on to slag off the competition as well, however the 1% goes the other way as he want us to go through the next round. However, personally I disregard this guy’s comments as he probably covers his screen in faeces and licks his monitor, which leads me to say that he is full of it. Oh let me just check… nope no swear words or offensive language has been used.

So to clarify, this is what I’ll do:

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