Episode 3: Wash and Scrub!


The middle school girls have a bath together with Ichihachi, whilst Ichiroku has compulsive need to wash herself thoroughly. Meanwhile, Genkoku is still finding it hard to adjust to the school; he ends up punishing Ichiroku and Eru for firing in the hallway; hitting them on the head, even though Eru was not responsible or involved.

Genkoku finds out about the source of FNC’s nickname “Funko” and the mistaken name by Ichiroku “Fukko”. Genkoku meets the high school girls Jiisuri, Faru and Ichiyon; who explain their origins. Shigu develops a new style of shooting; “Samurai Shooting”. Genkoku apologises to Eru and offers to buy her a drink.

The Middle School girls go trash picking with the elementary school; they meet elementary girls Empi (MP5A2), who is Jiisuri’s little sister. Emten (Who I think is an Ingram M10 Uzi) and Gossan, who is supposed to be in Middle School but forced into Elementary school by her dad. The children want Ichiroku, but instead get Eru. The children highlight Eru’s (L85A1) problems; who then feel sorry for her.


What an embarrassing episode. I have to admit, being British and having a failure of such a weapon is shameful.  The L85A1 (or SA-80 as some of us call it) had so many faults it was useless. I doubt the Regimental 22nd Squadron out of Hereford, UK use it; probably use a combination of different weapons depending on the mission. I also think there was a problem with the cartridge ejection, which was so close to the user’s face that the shooter could end up looking like Freddie Kruger. Personally, if I had to rely on a type of weapon; go German (or the Russian AK-47). Additionally, yep we did waste money to develop the L85A2, which is still rubbish. Anyway, first time we see Ichihachi, which made me realise that their names are numbers; Ichiroku (16), Ichiyon (14) and Ichihachi (18), which corresponds to their weapon M-16, M-14 and I think AR-18. I do feel sorry for Eru and I am starting warm up to her. However, I still feel that Shigu is the coolest of the lot. Ichiroku is a bit of a lazy, I am cool, look at me, kind of girl, which does sound like a typical American. I am not saying that Americans are not cool, they are! However, if I had to choose an American assault rifle, it would be the M4 with a SOPMOD kit.