My turn again and after a quick search I’m surprised to find that I have not posted a song by Nana Mizuki. I think many of you will know her, she’s done a lot of songs and is quite popular, at least from what I hear. I think I may have done a song by her at some point but not on SOTW. So after going through my Nana Mizuki songs on itunes I went for the logical/easiest choice of choosing the most played song.

So this week’s SOTW is Tenkuu no Canaria by Nana Mizuki. A song from the single Mugen which was the second opening theme to White Album.

I’m gonna talk a little about White Album as I have nothing else to talk about… So, as much as I like a nice romance anime, White Album bored me. I did however finish the first half of the season, begrudgingly as I don’t like to stop watching a series after I’ve started watching. Unless it’s really bad and White Album wasn’t ‘that’ bad. I remembered the story had interesting undertones but execution was quite dull.

Oddly enough I couldn’t find a ‘clean’ version of this song on youtube so I resorted to an AMV, but it’s an AMV of Hoshino Utau from Shugo Chara who’s also voiced by Nana Mizuki. If you don’t know, Shugo Chara is one of my top 5 anime so I thought it fit rather well. Enjoy the song, if you don’t want to watch Utau then go to another tab, that sorts things out.