Key Points:

Rea’s dad dreams about Rea’s death and rebirth whilst in a bath with lots of Rea pictures. He decides to go after Chihiro.

Rea feels no pain, hot or cold and is . She’s now living with Chihiro.

Chihiro only just realises she’s in a ‘dream’ situation with a real zombie girl.

Rigor mortis is starting to take effect on Rea. Furuya decides he has to find a way to stop it and protect her.


As much as you are in trauma of your undead daughter, sleeping in the bath with her pictures everywhere probably isn’t the most normal of thing to do. Then again, this is a very unusual situation so maybe that is what you’re supposed to do…? Quite unlikely… if anything this is the least normal thing, but I doubt it surprised anyone.

So, big thing this episode, Rea is now the living dead, an oxymoron. I bet she’s thinking ‘screw logic, I’m a dead body’. As I said last episode, there’d be a lot of complications. Such as when she couldn’t feel hot or cold water, but does that mean she can’t feel water at all? It’s an odd concept, if you’re able to feel water yet can’t feel hot or cold what do you feel? Logically I think you’d feel noting at all, as temperature is how you feel things isn’t it? I dunno… it’s all very complicated.

And speaking of complicated, I find it odd how after all the complications I thought of, I forgot the one that took effect the quickest, rigor mortis. I know this isn’t realistic but I had a chat with a biologist friend of mine and now know rigor mortis is caused by atp deficiency. To make atp you need metabolism, processing glucose or lipids, and there isn’t a real way to keep it going apart from renewing the enzymes. Now if that sounded like gibberish to you you’re not alone. However I think I got from her that it’s pretty much impossible unless the zombie has some way of producing energy, something along those lines. Well there’s the science realistic-ish side if anyone was wondering.

But this isn’t realism, so I’m assuming to stop her from rotting away she needs to have daily doses of that potion. Which I’m assuming has something to do with eating those poisonous leaves like she does in the opening, something like a ‘shortcut’ to the potion. This makes me even more suspicious that Chihiro’s granddad is a zombie. He eats those leaves and he talked about this ‘Sada’ coming back alive as though it was normal. Then again he is a little crazy so can’t take everything he says seriously, but it’d interesting if he was a zombie.

Well rigor mortis is the most pressing matter, the solution’s likely to be the leaves. When that’s sorted out I wonder how Chihiro and Rea will face her father, he seriously hates Chihiro right now. Rea will unlikely go with her father though, so I’m very interested in where she goes from here. I really doubt she’ll live as a normal girl, but the interesting complications that appear to stop her leading a normal ‘life’ will be what everyone’s looking forward to.