Key Points:

Aichi feels lonely without his Royal Paladins.

Kai doesn’t realise Aichi’s deck’s changed either and his deck’s changed to Narukami. He remembers nothing. But Kai believes Aichi.

Kai thinks they might figure something out if they fight so they duel in the middle of a park. Narukami vs Gold Paladin.

A new ability Limit Break is used by Kai it requires you to have 4 or more damage.

After the fight Kai does remember something, but he has a lot of questions.

Vangaurd Fight Circuit is announced and its organiser is the person that swapped Aichi’s deck. To figure things out they decide to enter this tournament.

Team Q4 is invited to join the VF circuit.

Key cards used:

Narukami Grade 3: Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion

Ability used: Limit Break 4 counterblast 3 allows Vermillion to attack all units simultaneously stopping intercepts.


A suggestion from Raven has led me to include a key card section for vanguard blogs. As you all know Vanguard is a card game and the anime revolves around that. So the main cards played are rather important.

For this week it’s Kai’s new grade 3, Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion. The name sounds cool and powerful, until it arrives at vermillion. Dragonic Kaiser is good, you know, dragon + emperor. But then vermillion? Really…? I mean I don’t mind it, because vermillion is my favourite colour, or shade if you’re bothered. But it’s not really a good name, doesn’t sound ‘almighty’. Gonna call the next one viridian? But yeah, not a fan, ending it at Dragonic Kaiser would’ve been fine.

We’re also introduced to a new skill, Limit Break, something that can only be used when you have 4 or more damage. That’s an interesting ability, will make you think twice about attacking a Vermillion user if you can’t finish him in one shot but will get your opponent to 4 or 5, it shuts down intercept and can kill your front row, that’s quite a nice ability. Very nice ‘evolution’, if you will, of Dragonic Overlord.

As for the episode itself, it was good to see Narukami play Gold Paladin straight away, even if Aichi wasn’t really into it. I thought this episode would showcase something similar to what happened to Aichi but to Kai, not for him to have Narukami straight away. I thought he’d be with Aichi in that only those two remember their old decks.

Although now that I think about it, why did Kai’s deck change? He wasn’t really involved in anything to do with Cray last season. He was just someone strong enough to defeat people with Psyqualia. So I guess if you look at it that way, Ren should then be the only other person to remember anything. And speaking of Ren, I wonder what deck he’s got now that Shadow Paladin’s are gone too. Probably will see soon.

I think all of us have as many questions for that white haired kid as Kai. Guess we’ll find them out soon. Wonder if ultra rare will make an appearance in the VF circuit too as fighters this time. But anyway, Q4 Assemble! Off to the VF circuit.