Key points:

Achiga will only face Kiyosumi if both teams get through to the final. To get there they’ll have to beat the strongest school in Japan, Shiraitodai High School.

Tournament first round, Kuro’s dora playing style confuses everyone but she pulls out a win.

We are introduced to Senriyama High next with their team members Eguchi Sera, Nijou Imizu, Funakubo Hiroko, Onjouji Toki and Ryuuka Shimizudani.

Second match of round 2 will begin with Koshigaya, Senriyama, Kentani and Achiga. Kuro is up first for Achiga and Toki is up from Senriyama.


Again, I feel like everything’s been rushed. I don’t know what the anime’s trying to get to in such a hurry. They spend their time with the character designs, the school names, character names and then they’re out of the anime within one episode. It doesn’t make any sense. I was rather interested in that girl with the twin swords, but we barely got to see any of them play. Which meant I’m still without the lightning, overdramatic Mahjong I’m waiting for. Every time they introduce some new characters I’m thinking this could be the team that they’ll have to play ‘properly’ against, but then the match is over in minutes. I mean okay, we saw a little over the top Mahjong with Kuro this episode, but nothing really out of the ordinary.

I guess it is only the opening rounds of the tournament so no one’s needed to bring out their best just yet. But again I have doubts that the ‘best’ matches of the tournament will be able to fill up enough episodes for a season. The main aim of this series was to get to the national tournament and reunite with Nodoka, as soon as they reach the finals that’ll be over. By how quickly they’re speeding along the storyline that could be over within 2 episodes.

However, there is a big hype on how good Senriyama is, being the second best in the country, so, I’m hoping for a lot. Hopefully it won’t end the same way Bansei ended and we’ll see some good Mahjong playing at last.

As always, it’s nice to see old familiar faces again, may see more of them from now on. Nodoka has yet to make an appearance though, that will be an interesting reunion, especially if it happens during the final match. We’re gonna see some sparks fly if there’s no holding back. But, just hope it’ll get there with a bang rather than speeding along.