Episode 2: Darkness of the Heart


Earlier on Chieno Tamaki wants to quit the council after making simple mistakes. Kaito is challenged by Chieno to a puzzle in a building, with the threat of its destruction will destroy part of the school. Kaito accepts the challenge.

Chieno is encouraged to use her will to beat Kaito as the Orpheus Order observes her brain capacity. Nonoha figures out that Chieno is controlled by the earring and phones Kaito. Kaito vows to free her from the earring. Chieno develops her full potential and activates the earring.

Kaito uses his Phi Brain skill to see the puzzle and solves it, beating Chieno. Kaito reaches the rooftop and Chieno’s earring shatters, freeing her. Kaito confronts Freecell but is stopped. Freecell hints at they have meet before, but Kaito can’t remember. Kaidou Baron returns back to the school.


So this new group is targeting Kaito by using the people around him. It seems that they are researching the usage of the Orpheus armlet in different accessories; girls I understand can wear jewellery, no problem. However, I can’t see Cubic wearing a earring unless he becomes a punk rocker; Gyamon is already half way there. However in the case for Ana, that’s a problem, although I think from what we have seen of Ana, HE probably could sense it from a mile away. Kaidou Baron comes back from looking after Jin; who I wonder if he would eventually regain his mind and senses. Hopefully, Kaidou may explain a few things about what is going on with this new group that is determined to mess around with Kaito whilst embracing the Orpheus Order. I wish that POG and Luke would come back into the series and help Kaito in some way, may be later in the story when things seem to be a bit tricky or when Kaito is push into a corner, but it have to be some major allegiance switch or a massive plot twist before it would happen, which I would like to see. I can only hope and pray.