Key Events

Still with no solution to fixing Rea’s rigor mortis, Chihiro decides to hide her in his closet for the moment.

Ranko is worried that Rea hasn’t been showing up to school and goes to her house to check.

Chihiro’s granddad says something about a resurrection pill he’s created, but there’s no more information.

Ranko comes to visit Chihiro and heads to his room for zombie DVD’s, only to be ‘sexually’ assaulted by Rea. She screams and Chirhiro gets there who’s also attacked by an unstiff Rea.


Well, that was very interesting. I think we’re finally seeing the zombie, must assault humans and suck the life out of Chihiro, part of Rea. Wonder what’s caused the sudden change, I mean she isn’t eating them yet, just a little licking… Although she has pretty much crushed Chihiro to death, but her brain not completely deteriorated to the must eat brainz level yet. Wonder why it’s happening though, I mean, Babu’s doing fine, not assaulting anyone, yet. Again, I think it’s a substance from that poisonous leaf that’s keeping them sane. I did see Rea eating it in the next episode preview.

Speaking of eating things, I wonder how Rea can get hungry, or rather, how she can possibly eat anything when she died because her stomach was punctured through. And logically being dead you don’t have ‘energy’ so you don’t need food and even if you do you’re dead so your functions shouldn’t operate. That is logic… however I suppose this anime isn’t logical. But that’s just some interesting realism questions for ya. I mean, I don’t mind stamping on realism’s foot, but I still think it’s a little cheap to do whatever you feel like because it isn’t realistic.

However, I am more concerned about how Chihiro’s gonna get out of his one. It wouldn’t have been too bad if Ranko didn’t see the blood, could’ve pretended she was visiting/hiding out, but she did see blood so, that’s harder to explain.

And speaking of blood, shouldn’t that have dried up by now? It has been a day or so. Again, I’m just pointing out some complications, but it’s nothing serious and nothing we can’t ignore. Although that said, I will still be eyeing the details as that’s the type of person I am.

I think most of us wanted Rea to stay as Chihiro’s secret, but I for one am rather interested in her being found out. Opens up more questions and now that she is out in the open, perhaps it’ll result in acceptance. Of course on the flip side the danger is that she could be shunned for being a freak of nature. But being a happy cheery like anime, that’s the impression I got, the latter is unlikely to happen.

So firstly Chirhiro will either need to make up something about Rea or come straight out, might involve some morality issues, especially being in a temple. Then after that there’s Rea’s dad coming after Chihiro to deal with as well, now that’s going to be fun. How will he react to zombie Rea? Especially when she can probably pick him up with one hand now. Will he grant her freedom? She’s dead, can he still restrain the dead? Will he even accept her? I’m thinking he will accept her, but keeping a zombie in check especially when they can turn into such violent creatures, will be difficult. So he’ll probably have to grant her the freedom she wants, or face a being that can snap you in two.