I thought I give an Image Character song for this week. I listen to every K-ON! Character Image song from the first season of K-ON! And I found that this one was my favourite, as I slowly started to like the others, except Ritsu’s which was slightly terrible. This particular song is sung by one of the secondary cast, Nodoka; Yui’s friend and the school’s student representative. The other reason that I picked this song, the other being that I like it is that Chika had only featured in the one anime, whilst the other K-ON! Seiyuus went on to do several different animes. It was such a shame that a mature and subtle voice was kept in the dark for so long, to only be released back on to the screens in Guilty Crown, which if you look, there is a huge gap between K-ON!! And Guilty Crown and besides she only featured in 3 episodes. In total, Chika has done only 5 animes to this date, while others have at least 20-30+. It crying shame and so here is my tribute to talent that has been in a dark, and instead of the usual normal you tube video (Couldn’t find one anyway), here is Chika actually singing the song during the K-ON! Live concert, enjoy!

LINK: Coolly Hotty Tension Hi!!