Episode 4: Sing! Compete!


Ichiroku is doing a photo shoot for magazine whilst we find out the birthplace of Ichihachi. The girls minus Ichiroku; talk about Funko’s success and Eru’s failure, which Eru ends up breaking again. Ichiroku comes back and gets angry at Eru for not taking notes from the class and calls her a dud.

Eru runs away crying and ends up meeting Faru. Ichiroku goes to get a dot sight and ends up being taunted by new students Galil and Sako; AK rip-offs, only to be stopped by Shigu. Funko is told that Eru is staying with Faru and Ichiyon, but she doesn’t want Ichiroku and Eru fighting.

The tournament location is revealed to be a rainforest and Ichiroku is partnered with Eru. The girls head to the battlefield without Eru. Eru is found by Shigu and gets her to go to the battle. Funko and Ichihachi win their round, whilst Ichiroku wins hers. Next Funko and Ichihachi are up against Galil and Sako.


So Ichiroku has alienated herself with Eru, because of her failure. Basically I see Ichiroku as a bully, which I feel is typical American. Personally she needs to learn to depend on her and accept that she sometimes has her faults. However I see that Eru would turn up, thanks to Shigu (like) and she would be the decisive part in the tournament. I sense that Sako is a bit sadistic, which I think was made solely for the purpose of people to hate her; you can have my vote, you are either a AK or not. Can’t stand that stupid pointy-eared cow of a slag! I haven’t seen much of Genkoku, who did turn up a bit in this episode, I thought it was going to be an anime from his point of view, at the moment it is like a cartoon documentary, learning about guns, their history and origin. I think they better move on and get on with the story, if there is a story, because there are only ten episodes, shame.