Episode 1: Eternal Dream


Four girls; Chieri, Orine, Yuuka and Nagisa, sneak underground to see an AKB0048 concert as entertainment is banned. The concert inspires the girls to join them. Years later (Year: 0048), Yuuka and Nagisa are at school whilst Orine is working at a factory. They hear about auditions for AKB0048 and decide to apply.

They record videos and send them off. However, Nagisa’s dreams aren’t accepted by her father; who is a (Anti)-Entertainment Official. After a while, they pass and are selected to the second stage of auditions. Yuuka and Orine are happy but Nagisa doesn’t think she can go because of her dad.

Yuuka gets dumped by her boyfriend for the possibility of becoming an idol. Nagisa struggles over what she should do and eventually decides to go, supported by her mother who gives her a hair ribbon like an idol wears. Nagisa barely makes it onto the shuttle and the three girls head to the next set of auditions.

My bike has only one wheel!!!


I was struggling with the idea of blogging this anime as it was taking so long to start; I believe it was the last anime to start this season. Well, I suppose the saying, “Good Things come to those who wait” is true and this anime did not disappoint. I only recently started listening to AKB48’s music which this anime is voiced by members of the group under “NO NAME” (Yes that is the name of the sub-group) and I quite like the songs, from experience of listening to SNSD (Girls’ Generation). Apart from the songs and the music, the animation is just fantastic, with the dancing mimicking AKB48. To miss this brilliant masterpiece of animation, you would have to be an idiot with an IQ less than a used tea-bag. The characters, Nagisa seems to be a nice girl but her personality gives the feeling of indecisiveness. Yuuka is a bit of a loud mouth and gives off a negative vibe if things don’t go her way. Orine is a nice character and gives balance between the other two. It sad that her parents passed away and she has to work. Good to see other people supporting Orine in her orphanus. Finally we didn’t see much of Chieri, accept at the beginning when they were younger, I had find out that she was the one that got the other three to see AKB0048 and took them to that first concert. Hopefully we would see her later or in the next episode, as she probably auditioned like the rest of them.

The songs featured in this episode are bit all over the place so here is the list and I’ll put the Ops and EDs in order in the next episode:

“Aitakatta” by AKB48*

“Shoujo-tachi yo” by AKB48*

“Kibou ni Tsuite” by No Name

*Anime version can be viewed on You Tube here (While it lasts).