Episode 3: The Trap of Perorin-Pororin


Airi Mizutani meets Mizerka of the Orpheus Order. Airi is a bit of a klutz, spilling the puzzle club’s lunch. Airi talks to Nonoha about her failings and thinks about it later that night. She recollects her meeting with Mizerka who gives her an Orpheus ring.

Talking with your mouth full

Next day Airi becomes brilliant at solving puzzles and is eventually worshipped by the puzzle club. Nonoha spots Mizerka and follows her but gets caught. Kaito is challenged by Airi to a puzzle with the threat of killing Nonoha inside a Perorin-Pororin costume.

Kaito solves the puzzle, but Airi resets it claiming it be a mistake. After several more attempts, Airi unlocks her true power and gives Kaito a challenging puzzle, but loses consciousness. Kaito solves it anyway, but Nonoha wasn’t in danger as she was actually inside a dinosaur costume at a stage show.


The next victim of the Orpheus Order is Airi. She is quiet a funny girl, due to her clumsiness. I thought it was funny that she repeated the puzzle as Kaito solved it quite easily. Is it me or do the title holders like to have a conversation with their mouths full. If they don’t have food in their mouths, they don’t talk; bad example to set, tsk tsk. Anyway it seems that Orpheus Order is researching the brain power by creating Orpheus jewellery. Just hope they don’t go too far and create nose rings and genital jewellery. I see tougher challenges for Kaito and the puzzles would get harder and eventually we will see what the Orpheus troop is up to.