Well, ever since my last SOTW, I’ve been hooked on all the old Japanese music I have on my laptop. I say old, but they’re only like 20 years old, at most. Anyway, I was rooting around and found all the themes to Ranma ½, a Rumiko Takahashi classic.

Anyway, here we have Positive, which was the 8th Ending to Ranma ½. I love it. I can’t explain why, though, meaning there’ll be very little reasoning in this blog, meaning you’ll get bored quickly unless I put a video in to distract you all.


CD Version



TV Version



So yeah. Here’s my recommendation: To all of those people who haven’t yet watched Ranma ½ (where have you been?) or who are too young to have watched it when it was mainstream, watch it now. Seriously. It’s the best battle/fantasy/romcom ever, if that’s a real genre to itself.

Part of the reason I’ve secretly loved Ranma ½ is because of the themes. I secretly love every single goddamn one of these things. I say “secretly” because, to be honest, Hinageshi by Michiyo Nakajima doesn’t suit my image. But it’s so goddamn cute. And Positive is cool. I don’t care if anyone thinks otherwise – Japanese 90’s music was awesome.