Key Events:

With help from Babu, Rea ‘unconsciously’ feeds herself those poisonous leaves and makes she’s all better after.

Granddad explains that the resurrection potion isn’t perfect and for the person to stay ‘active’ they need to have lots of exercise, low temperature and keep eating those leaves. But process of decay can’t be stopped, it’s only delayed.

Chihiro’s dad lets Rea stay at their house for the time being.

Chihiro decides to keep a diary of Rea’s zombie adventures.

Rea doesn’t have any of the normal functions that defines someone as alive.

Chihiro continuously worries about Rea’s eventual decay.


It might be just me, but I think the story’s slowed down a bit. The last two episodes have been just sorting out Rea’s new living arrangements. I mean I’m not complaining, it’s still great, I enjoy it so much that the episodes finish so quickly and after looking back I see that not much has happened. However I only noticed it when I looked back for the purpose of writing this blog. So it easily could be me hoping that more had happened, in which case the amount that happened is fine.

It’s a little sad to hear that Rea will eventually decay. I suppose this fantasy anime still can’t escape the grasp of reality. But maybe it will, we don’t know how long Rea has by slowing down the decay, could be years for all we know. That might be enough time for Chihiro and his crazy granddad to figure out something. Which defies reality completely, but hey, they’ve gone this far, why not go further. Although then you’d have to think about immortality, I’ve always said that even if I could be immortal I still wouldn’t. Would you want to be immortal and watch all those around you age and die? I wouldn’t. But that’s just me.

I like how Ranko casually comes to the conclusion that Rea’s a zombie. I mean given what’s gone on with Babu, it is natural especially with Rea’s injury. But you’d then have to think that Ranko believed that Babu is Babu. It’s quite plausible it’s just a very similar cat. So I just found it oddly funny how Ranko also accused him of murder so playfully, even though I’m pretty sure she meant it.

Well, I hope Chihiro stops worrying about Rea’s continuously decaying and give her the ‘life’ of a normal girl she wants for a while at least. Even if the decay does start, at least she’ll be able to move on in peace after hopefully enjoying her freedom. But if you keep worrying and time runs out, there’s no stopping it.

Her dad is still on the prowl, I’m still waiting to see what he’s planning to do. I don’t think it’s wise to move against a local temple, but hey, he is pretty crazy for his daughter. I’m looking forward to his reaction when he sees her.

I’m also waiting for the time when Rea returns to school, if she dares. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone notices a difference, like how her strength is beyond human capacity. And she’ll probably never eat lunch, or go to the toilet etc.

And then there’s the thing about keeping her cool, Japanese summers are quite hot, I really hope she doesn’t end up like …. from Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka when he gets into the sun. He’s hilarious so it’s fine, but I don’t see them doing that to Rea. At least she can still handle the sun, just not the heat. Perhaps wearing some ice packs? There are indeed a lot of complications the story can go on about and I see why it makes for such an interesting story.

So anyway yeah, the story’s developing nicely and at a good pace. The interesting setting of this anime never fails to leave me wanting more. Still got a lot more bumps on this long road to a, close to, normal life and I look forward to all of them.