Key Events:

Revealed some background story to the Matsumi sisters. Where Kuro’s always been protecting Yuu, now she wants to repay her.

Yuu’s play style is gathering of tiles including the colour red which confuses Senriyama as they thought she only played characters and the red dragon which gave her the edge to close the gap between Achiga and the rest.

Third match starts with Senriyama sending Eguchi Sera and Achiga sending Atarashi Ako

Ako, the only one who’s entered a tournament before, gets a nice start.

The third match finishes with a duel of sorts between Ako and Sera. Senriyama extends their lead but Achiga is now in second place.

Fourth match, Achiga sends Arata.


Hmm, the story seems to have sped up again leaving out most of the third match and quite a bit of the second match unseen. I don’t know what this series wants, again. The pace last episode was fine, I don’t see why they showed most of Kuro’s match and not Ako or Yuu. I guess it’s probably to showcase Toki’s skill. Although Ako’s Achiga’s ace, supposedly, so why didn’t they show her match at all? Maybe she doesn’t have a particularly interesting play style apart from fast winning perhaps. Either that or they’re saving her play style for the finals. I guess the latter’s more likely.

Senriyama’s been targeting Achiga a lot because of their unique play styles. It might better not to have a particular play style to broaden your tile range of discarding and drawing, but of course that’d be boring for us. It’s a shame Kuro had such a narrow tileset to play with. Only going after the doras, means it’s too easy to predict like I said last episode. Yuu was better in that she only went for tiles with red, so going after the character and red dragon tileset managed to confuse everyone and they played into her hands. Saki from the original series was just rinshan kaihou making it even less predictable what she wants to win with and the main thing was that she didn’t need a discard to take the win so others can’t play safe tiles.

Now that Arata’s put some gloves on I’m expecting a lot from her. Hopefully won’t skip this match, if they’re saving some for the Teru match then I’m assuming they’ll save Shizuno for that match. And of course I’m really looking forward to see what this illusive Teru Miyanaga can do when Achiga face them. That’s assuming they stay the course and maintain their second position to proceed to the next round.

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