Episode 4: Night of the Knights


The Orpheus Order meet together with a guy called Whist; who brings them a message from the boss. The Root Academy is on alert for Orpheus jewellery with Nonoha excessively checking all the students. Cubic discovers wiring in the destroyed Orpheus jewellery, Gyamon suggests to wait for someone to challenge them, Kaito agrees.

Cubic’s research finds a signal which leads to Gyamon’s apartment. Gyamon finds Miharu with the armlet and destroys it as Kaito and Nonoha arrive. Also they get a message to challenge the Phi Brain children.


The game is 5 on 5 as Freecell and Souji; who is not a Phi Brain child, sit out. Cubic goes against Melancholy and loses. Ana goes against Mizerka and loses. Kaito goes next against Pinochle and loses but closes the gap on points. In the end the game ends in a tie as it turns out that Kaito made a smart move which was earlier deemed as a mistake.


So the gang has their first team game against them. It looks as though the Orpheus Order is quite strong, since Cubic and Ana couldn’t defeat them. I hope that the POG would come in and give some assistance, maybe get Rook back in. Nice to see the cute Miharu again, Gyamon is like a father figure then. I like her, especially her seiyuu. I don’t like Pinochle, he is just a bit of a camp guy and prances about, however I like Mizerka, her character is calm and a bit deep but I prefer Maze from the first season, who got pretty annoyed from Ana’s character during a puzzle, which was funny. Anyway, I see Gyamon going head to head with Doubt; I just hope that Gyamon doesn’t switch sides like he did in the first season. More Miharu and I would like to see Elena again, please.