OP: Kibou ni Tsuite” by NO NAME

ED: “Yume wa Nandomo Umarekawaru” by NO NAME

Episode 2: The Chosen Lights


The girls arrive at the spaceport and head to their scheduled flight. On board they remember about Chieri who introduce them to AKB0048 and also meet other auditionees. Later they discover that Chieri is on board, also heading to the audition.

Searching the ship, Nagisa is told by a mysterious person that auditioning for AKB0048; she would be rivals with everyone else. Later, the ship is attacked by a security force looking for the auditionees. The girls are chased until they are cornered.

They saved by AKB0048, but Nagisa loses her ribbon and goes back, but gets caught. Chieri saves her but ends up getting trapped. Nagisa stays to help her even though Chieri tells her that they are rivals, but Nagisa ignores it. They get help from Yuuko; AKB0048 member and gets them to the airlock and the girls escape with AKB0048.

Don’t worry she is “Armless”…


So far the anime has been brilliant. The animation has been by far beyond any anime I have seen. I can’t really put it into words how fantastic it is. Anyway, we got to meet Chieri and she has changed from a cute little girl, to a bitter person who sees the other auditionees as rivals. It is only the words and wisdom of Nagisa that proved her wrong, but I don’t think it has changed her until she passes to become AKB0048. I still don’t understand that holy area thing, with the holy lyrics; maybe it would become the final song of the anime, but I don’t know. I am starting to like the OP theme a lot and looking at the lyrics it is beautifully written. So the girls head to the auditions, so let us see who makes it and who doesn’t.